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Written on 24th January 2006

We sent Nael to LW last Sunday. As expected, Ummi was pretty nervous herself. One new screaming kid wasn't really helping. Nael clutched his legs around Ummi's waist tight and was horrified with the sight. Sat him at one of the tables that have a drawing paper with big color crayons with the wailing kid in the background. Miss Lopmeier left the histerical crying boy and squat beside Nael, had a little chat with him. I saw Nael was listening to her and I left the room feeling very very very nervous (sheesshhh..). At the door saw another parent still consoling his daughter to let him go and join the class and the crying boy's father wondered outside the class. I think he was told to leave his son there. He looked clueless.

Waited in the lobby for 5 mins, tak senang duduk, went in again and tried to peep, couldn't see Nael and heard soft cries. My heart went dub dab dub dab, skipped few beats, I asked one of the parent who just left her son there "Did you see my son? Is he the one crying?" She said "It's not your son who's crying, it's another boy but they have put him in another empty class". Gosshhh. OK ok went back to lobby, tried to read, tak jalan. After 20 mins, tried to peep through a glass door for his arts and crafts session, couldn't see him still, gerammmm! He sat too far, I could only see his sleeve but then I saw his teacher, she gave a thumb up! Fuh lega...I smiled and went back to lobby and sat there. Oh geee I'm such a paranoid mum.

AT 11:30am, I stood guard at the door, the 1st parent looking for her kid heheh. I saw Nael lined up with his shoes on and his Incredible bag and Miss Lopmeier stood behind him and said "Nael did very well, he was certainly nervous, checking things out, looking here and there but he didn't cry a bit and followed the instructions well". I was like...whatt?? oh yeahhh?? reallyyy??

"Well done sayang, you have been a brave boy. We love you A LOT"

One Happy Shiny People


Written on 19th January 2006

Nael has just started his playschool at LornaWhiston for the 1st term of the year. Actually he already attended 2 classes on Sunday. He was behaving exceptionally well, he participated in the activities although not all the instructions he would follow. I can still see Nael needs more time to get himself comfortable and be happy in school. He stills doesn't respond to any of the teacher's talks. Not that he can speaks perfect sentence and perfect English. He usually frown and make that anti-social remark to his teacher. Btw, he has a new teacher named Miss Lopmeier, originally from Canada.

At the end of last week's class, Miss Lopmeier told us starting from next week onwards (which is gonna be this Sunday), all parents have to leave the kids with her and her assistant. I think my jaw dropped when I hear this. She further explained that there will be tears, cries, trauma but at the end of the term, the kids would usually be a ok! (what! u kidding me?) I was totally horrified and my worries didn't stop there and then. It continues! It lingers in my head everyday fearing the worst for Nael this Sunday. Oh my, oh my what will happen to me Nael?

For those parents who have been through this, advice please? Some parents did advice that you are not suppose to abondan your kid just like that, some say, it's ok. Miss Lopmeier told us that we will be called when the child really needs us. But again, I'm scarred once I leave him, he'll be haunted, horrify to death and hate school forever :( *imagining the worst here* I'm just hoping it's merely seperation anxiety and it's just a phase..I pray I pray.

Sometimes I just wonder where did Nael get this trait? I don't think it's from me, I have no problem socializing with peers from small till adulthood ;) keh keh keh..

A day at LW

Written on 1st November 2005

My Dearest Darling Nael,

It's time. Ummi and papa decided that you should be more exposed to the 'real' world mixing with your age group, get socialize and make new friends. At last we decided to enroll you at Lorna Whiston which fortunately they called after 10 mths you were on waiting list. Besides, we were thinking it will not be too taxing for you as the class was only on weekend which was Sunday from 8:45am to 9:45am. Ummi shrugged when she saw the timetable that you have to be in class by 8:45am which she thought it was way too early for you and papa. Although for few classes we showed up late, 15 minutes late, it is better than null attendance.

Your teacher's name was Miss Finch, pretty lady with medium built, blond shoulder length hair. She speaks soft with British accent but good enough for you and your little friends. For the 1st 15 minutes, it was playing session with educational toys. Ummi remember you first played with train numbers and you excitedly announced to the whole class that you knew 1 to 10. Ummi thinks it was cute of you :) Your other classmates were busy with their own toys and books. Then Miss Finch and her assistant passed a few plastic boxes for you and friends to keep away the toys. Miss Finch hummed "Pack up...Pack up, Everybody Pack up" a few times till all the toys were kept aside. Then she instructed everyone to get a cushion and everyone scurried to a corner to get a cushion and Ummi noticed one thing, my dear Nael, you were such a good boy that you did not scramble your way and let others to proceed. You didn't like the messiness.

The next 15 minutes, it's time for read aloud session and singing. For the first few classes, you dunked your head underneath Ummi's/papa's arm. You were shy. However, towards the end of the term, you braced yourself to enjoy the reading and singing session. We learned Incy Wincy Spider but your favourite song was Open Shut Them where you practised hard at home with minimum help from Ummi :)

The next 15 minutes was arts and craft session. You really love it, you didn't even want to miss any single instructions in every classes, with mini apron on you, you really looked so comel. When you were done with your art project you rushed to the mini washing basin to wash your hands, grabbed paper towel from Miss Finch and threw them away in dustbin. You have done it perfectly, no hassle at all.

Next was the play session, there was indoor playgorund with slide, bouncing balls & pony, tunnel, etc. You loved this session too but you migled too little with your friends. You really didn't bother with their antics as much as for the slides you were playing. When the time was up, you and your little friends made a choo choo train and were back in the class.

Usually the last 15 minutes was filled with another read aloud and singing a song before we bid farewell. But for the last class of your 1st term, your teacher threw a party, all parents distributed the food they brought and the littles ones were given a feather crown. You're such a handsome prince :)

After you munched your raisin, you and friends posed for pictures. At first you were obedient taking instructions from busy 'photographers' but after a little while, you were impatient and buzzed out from the group picture. You even salamed Miss Finch and said goodbye. Well done Nael! and we love you to the bits. Note : 4th term August 29th - November 13th 2005.

He's at work!

Written on 3rd October 2005

He's at work :) Our gardener :P

1st Artwork

Written on 19th September 2005.

Nael's 1st Art Work

Glad you guys had a wonderful splashy time at the Wetlands. Moi? hemm..I was with Nael that 2 x 24 hrs :) (am not complaining k), his papa had and still is having his MBA class.

Nael has been on a waiting list for about 10mths for his toddler playschool at Lorna Whiston which I almost forgotten about it. Yesterday morning, at around 8:50am, we reached the center and I had to carry my 13kg boy with my heels and walked for about 50m. Tell ya, Nael was clingy, he with his bantal busuk, I had to carry him upstairs, into his class and he curled his legs real tight. My god, I was a bit upset and didn't anticipate that he wouldn't wanna join the activities for the 1st 15 mins sessions. Only in Art class, he seemed to enjoy himself, painted the no 3 with glue and sticked the puny color papers onto the glue. I think Nael overall did ok although I would be very much delighted if he can enjoy himself in the 1 hour activities. Oh well, he still has another 7 weekend classes to attend and it's gonna be good for him to prepare himself for the real school next Jan....ayohh..i'm such a kiasu mother..hahaha..

Believe it or not?

Written on 25th August 2005

Last Sunday, Nael turned to 27 mths and he showed something that was really amazing to us his parents at least.

Currently, Nael is being taken care by my mother in law. He used to go to a day care center but we pulled him out due to his continuous virus infections. I think he was there for about 14 mths and during that period, he was hospitalized twice, he won battles with Acute Bronchiolitis, Roseola, HSV6, mild meassles, mild Foot and Mouth disease . He sufferred and we sufferred but the experiences, nevertheless has added more color to our lives. Once he was taken out from his day care center, he is healthy, alhamdullillah.

Not in school means that he's getting a less proper education, kinda distorted as in learning his alpabets and numbers, colors and shapes, socializing with his peers and bigger kids. Staying at home, his only source of entertainment cum education is his TV, his toys and reading books with Ummi. He loves his Sesame Characters, his Mr Incredible and now he's into Hi 5, my god, he has tonnes of VCDs and DVDs

At 24 mths, he could count 1- 10 with an odd sound of 7, nevertheless he began counting every single thing he touches (ie: building blocks/crayons). Last Sunday, he took his Sesame Street ABC and 123 book, he flipped the pages fast and said nearly all the A-Z characters loud and clear, at random! , we were estatic. We couldn't believe it as everytime I tried teaching him from the same book, he just kept mum and flipped the pages, uninterested. But you know what, he learned all the alphabets from his Elmo: Alphabet Jungle VCD. I tested him again but with a set flashcard, yep, yep, he knows his alphabets. Oh yeah, my MIL too said he knows Jawi characters too but I could not gauge how far he knows his Jawi, hv not tested him yet and again, he learned it from VCD Kumpulan Aliff. Well I guess he learnt a lot from his TV and who said watching tv is a waste of time?? tee hee hee...

So, my next project with Nael will be teaching him to read. Famygirl proposed that I should teach Malay follow by English. I saw in Star paper about Phonics reading, Oxford Essential Reading series but have yet to check on them. Can you, $user recommend me for Malay books?

kusyuk nengok tv & lenguhlah dok cam nie

my little darling

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Papa or Ummi?

Written on 5th August 2005

I notice that Nael has preferences, it is always gonna be me or my hubby, it really depends on activities or showing off his affections that he feels comfortable doing so with his fav person.

1) When asked to kiss Ummi n Papa, he will smooch his Papa and let Ummi wait uhuk..uhuk...
2) When we have dinner at the table, he prefers to sit on his Papa's lap and Papa will feed him. Ummi enjoys her food hihihi...oh boy, I really sound like a bad wife
3) When it comes to watching his Hi Five/Elmo/Incredible, he will force his Ummi to sit with him It's really a torture moment for Ummi as Ummi has watched them umpteenth times
4) To go to sleep, he has to cuddle his papa or papa cuddles him, he will grip his papa's hand and sometimes sleep on papa's body. Ummi already in lalaland
5) During reading times, he wants his Ummi to read to him Ummi is fun, yes!
6) For swimming session, he prefers his Papa Definitely Papa is a lot more splashy than Ummi

So, I begin to wonder, when it's poo time, who's he gonna call? who is he going to ask for toys ? who is he going to seek permission first when invited to birthday party? who, first, is he going to utter "I Love You" before going to bed? Sometimes I feel I'm gonna lose to my hubby, I'm gonna be 2nd in his life.

Since yesterday, my hubby was out of the country again and my mother is taking care of Nael, he woke up and searched around the house calling "Ummiiiii...mmmiiiiii..ummiiii" and there was another time, he woke up and held my PJ wondering about in the house looking for me...sungguh cair hati Ummi. At least I know he remembers me :)

Have A Good Weekend Everyone....

Nael's Personalized Book

Written on 14th June 2005

I just received Nael's 1st personalized book and it's our gift to Nael for his 2nd birthday. The title of the book is Little One Little One, What Do You See? Rafiqah herself dropped the books (together with famygirl's) at the DH's office, THANKS Rafiqah. It is so very lovely and with the price offered, it was worth every cents :) (hopes she won't increase the price after this ;) )

Pic3 = This page actually is the 2nd last page of the book and it reads Nael, wherever you go, Ummi and Papa want you to know....

Pic4 =Whether counting or rhyming, one thing is true: Ummi and Papa, dear Nael, will always love you *heart melts*

Ummi dah teruja

Pisang Oh Pisang

Written on 19th May 2005

Pic1 = Hari ni saya ditugaskan oleh Ummi menjual pisang. Ummi kata, untuk menjadi busineesman berjaya, saya kena membuat latihan tubi dari kecik dgn menjual pisang2 yg nenek beri.
Pic2 = Saya dah berbedak, walaupun macam tepung kurmak, saya tetap cute miut.

Pic3 = Ehhhhh...berat jugak yerr pisang nieeee..
Pic4 = Macam mana yer nak carik pelanggan?, daripada menyanyi "Pisang O pisang" macam kak Siti tu, yg dah ketinggalan zaman, saya rasa saya nak mempergunakan kecomelan saya untuk mendapat simpati hihih..

Pic5 = Makcik! Makcik!....Bukaklah pintu, saya nak jual pisang, pisang saya lemak manis, sedapppp....ehhh makcik! bukaklah pintu!!! saya dah lama tunggu kat luar nie
Pic6 = Haaaa..baru sekarang makcik nak bukak pintu yer, udahlerrr pisang nie berat...

Pic7 = Nah!!!, semua nie saya jual chepuluh sen sajeee, mekaceh makcikkkkk...jual yerrrr....

Cow's Milk....anyone?

Written on 27th January 2005

Lately Nael is not consuming the usual 20oz a day of formula milk. He started liking Full Cream milk or watchamacall it...Whole Cow's Milk.

It started last 2 weekends when he saw packets of Dutch Lady Low Cream Milk at my mak's table top. He wanted one of them when he saw my niece gleefully sipping from a straw and after much of whinning and wailing, we gave up and let him tried one. That's it! He got hooked up with the milk. Instead with low cream milk, we gave him full cream milk and now I notice he's consuming less and less formula milk.

So, this morning, I browsed BabyCenter and it says after 1 year old, babies are allowed to make a transition to cow's milk as the digestive systems are ready to digest the protein in the cow's milk. However, parents must ensure that the baby/toddler receives enough iron from other source of food to avoid iron-deficiency as cow's milk does not have iron.

Now, I have to check with paeditrician on this. Once he gives us green light, I think we will give him more cow's milk and less of formula. I think this will save us a lot of $$$. How I wish I'm a successfull breastfeeding mom.

So, I have questions for you moms. When did you introduce cow's milk to your children? I seldom heard parents give cow's milk to as early as 1 yr plus in Malaysia. My sister's friend who has been staying in London for years told me that it is a norm over in UK to give fresh milk besides EBM/formula after 1 yr old.....geee..I did not know that!

Just Some Lines

Written on 19th January 2005

Nael is reaching 20 mths this Friday :) He is the jewel of my heart and I can't help myself to jot a few things about him that I would never wanna forget...It is more like a milestone to me, so just bear with the green mom...

1) His first body part recognition was belly button (and not nose or eyes). But now he knows his nose, eyes, ears, hair and teeth.
2) His verbal development is on track. According to BabyCenter, he should now speak 10 to 50 words. He doesn't have 50 words at the back of his head, only 20 maybe but it's ok I guess, as long as he is progressing. He can only string some 2 words.
3) His first nursery ryhmes was 10 Little Nael Boy but now they have diversified to Wheels on The Bus, Cock a Doodle Doo, Ring Ring of Roses and a lot more.
4) His first CD was Wheels on The Bus but now he grew fond of Elmo and friends from Sesame Street. His collections grew to the total of 7 CDs.

5) His first few fav books were Nursery Ryhmes and Animals but 2 mths back he just loves his Run Peter Run book. Currently he is attached to Baby Words book where he points himself as a BOY and ummi as a GIRL.
6) He will say A is A, B is B, C is A, D is D and E is E. He could only recognized printed letter A on anywhere, newspaper, on my t-shirt or on boxes.
7) He who recognized his ummi when he saw old family photo, he utters UMMIIII and points to my 13 yr old figure.
8) He can now do the sujud position 90% correctly and no more of just bending his body, hands and head touching the floor. He loves listening to azan on TV during Maghrib, will be very quiet and attentive and will raise his small hands immediately after azan for the doa. He will amin in time.
9) He who has the passion with cars/wheels, be it very very small or big car. He doesn't like remote control car, he will scream on top of his lungs when he sees the car moves. What a dissappointment to his papa (READ : Papa wants to get his son a remote control car)
10) He who loves water so very much like his papa. He first experienced the wading pool when he was 4mths +. Last month we threw him in the adult pool with his arm floaties and brought him under water. He was OK. He giggled.

11) He loves to roll his eyes.
12) When he feels like to throw tantrum, he will roll on the floor! He can cry really really loud for half an hour but he also sometimes lift his head just to check whether we are still watching him.
13) He once upon a time loved to lick anything that we think is gross
14) He can cry loud, he speaks loud at times and he can laugh very loud too up till his shoulders would shake.
15) He can now stack 8 pieces of 1cm cube. He's trying on the 9th.

I think I'd better stop at 15.

Do all the above sound familiar to you? I'd bet you are coz you are all season moms.

my little fun(nier) Nael

Written on 11th Oct 2004

I miss Nael today, really miss him :( Yesterday, it was the first time I heard him saying Oh! O when he first broke a disposable plastic spoon. He said it and pretended as if nothing really happened (looking left and right). Nael...Nael...hemm..