Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Continued from Tick Tock.

I have been thinking for quite many months before I made the BIG decision. Actually it came quite naturally, or maybe I should say, Allah has another plan for me. It started with the maid issue. I thought we were gonna have a replacement maid after AIdil Fitri last year but heck, it wasn't easy, we (myself & my agent) were duped by Indonesian agents. The whole story can make up a book by itself. So, I was totally turned off by the idea. Next came another issue that is my other half has taken up another role, like his old role, that is a regional position and therefore he has to make trips which means he has to leave me with this 2 kiddos on my own. *scratch head*. If that's not enough, we also have some family issue and Nael is starting primary One, so who's gonna take good care of them? The only appropriate solution for this time is that I have to make yet again another sacrifice that is quiting my job.

Personally, I was very nervous, nervous on how to tell my parents. You see, I have been giving them some moolah since I started work, in a way we 3 children have been supporting them, ensuring they get to experience what they could not afford when they were young. So, the feeling of not able to contribute and the feelings of what my brother and sister would say, too much to shoulder at times. When I 1st broke the news, there was dissappointment from all :( the last few months I have been trying to tell them, that we will do ok and there are plans for the financial side, it's like submitting financial proposal to board of directors :P In all, they didn't say much, looks like my parents have beginning to accept my reason to leave my job and some plans we have in future.

When my other half asked me "how do you feel that today Monday is your last Monday at work" I told him that I wasn't really thinking of my days left in office, I'm more a nervous wreck on how I will spend my time. You see, I had made a pact in me that I would do this, this, and this and I know Allah is watching and we are answerable to every little time we spend on this world. Therefore I just pray that I would be discipline enough and follow my new schedule.

Sometimes I asked myelf, will I miss not working? I think I would! I love working, having a job, having moolah and having that moolah to please a lot of people but I could not stand my current job, too boring. At this moment, I want to forget about it and embrace a new title, wearing a new hat, the job is the highest paying job in the world and the return is immeasurable! I will be a SAHM :) , where the 'execitement' begins and never ends :p

SAHM out there, give me some words of advice, be it good or bad, I do appreciate it very much. Wish me luck my dear friends and I hope this have answered why I have had so many free lunches this month tsk tsk tsk...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Standard Oners

Below are the conversations I had with Nael. He is now into numbers=age=old or young and about death.

Nael : "Nenek is 101 years old"
Me : "Wow!! and you?"
Nael : "I'm 7 yrs old, nenek dah tua. Nael nak umur 101 million years old"
Me : *chuckle* "Tak ada oranglah umur macam tu. Semua mati sebelum umur 101 years old"
Nael : "Haaaa...MATI? Nael tak nak!"

Nael : "Pergi school, pergi university, lepas tu work, lepas tu old, lepas tu?"
Me : "lepas tu mati lah" (jokingly manner)
Nael : "mati??? tak nak la"
Me : "Itula Nael kena selalu doa, supaya nael, ummi, papa and aidan panjang umur"
Nael : "panjang umurrrrrr??"
Me : "lepas tu doa laa supaya murah rezeki"
Nael : "murah rezekiiiiii??"
Me : hemmm..
Nael : "apa panjang umur? apa murah rezeki?"

Right now, it's a new phase for me in dealing with Nael, lots of questions. Kadang tu pening kepala nak fikir the simplest phrase that he can understand :(

Tick Tock

"menghitung hari, detik demi detik.."

Ya, itulah kerja saya setiap hari since 1st March 2010. I have submitted my love letter to the management on that very day. After 12 years being with the company, I felt this IS the time to make a move, a big decision with a big leap.

4th February 1998, I first joined m.o.t company where I was recruited in the states, fresh out from the oven joining ~30+ fresh grad all over US universities to be based in KL and Penang. It was in Texas, that I first met Elisa. She was one of the interviewers flown in from KL. There I was with my pierced eyebrow together with my 2 piece mini skirt, went for 2 rounds of interviews and got the job. Seriously if I was in M'sia, they would not hire me due to a)I'm not an A student b)I had a ring stuck at my eyebrow :P but being American company, they saw something else in me. On our 3rd day, we knew the results and I postponed my trip back to M'sia for a month and did some trips in the country.

I kept the good news to myself :) No one in the family knew that I got the job. So, when my family picked me up from the airport, I remember clearly how my mother was damn worried that I will not get any jobs due to the global economic crisis. She was ranting..blah blah blah all the way from airport to the house. Once at home, I broke the news, goshhh..the feelings was indescribable, esp looking at their faces and even more funny when I mentioned my starting salary was RM2.4K. Their jaw dropped! heheh...why, you may ask? some of you might know that I have an older brother who worked as a doc in government hospital, he is 7 years older than me. He has to work in long hour shifts, he even did locam (sp?) as part time to earn a decent living. That shows how poor he was, gov paid them, doctors peanuts during 1998.

I reported duty on 4th Feb 1998. My circle of friends grew, from Lily & Hani to Famy, Elisa, Mdm Y and Mdm S and not forgetting Ninuk :) I think I had great time during m.o.t era. Gaji bagus, kerja bagus, lots of training available, ada shares for high performance employee, bonus pun bagus until....we were outsourced to managed services company where everything is about money! so kena laa undertake cost effective measures and my career graph started to plunge :P From somewhat career minded lady, I turned to lifeless woman whose hands on the computer but her mind is elsewhere. I did try to move on to different company, same line but with better prospect, I had to let it go due to giving way to my other half as he has much more promising career path than I like any other working mother, I made sacrifices. Sticking to the same company doing the same mundane work with a slightly more challenging environment where you have to suck up to your customer's bad day te he he..

What's next?

Watch this space for Tick Tock II

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Part of Growing Up

On the 10th March evening, he fell flat face on the concrete floor. When I first saw him, he was tring to avoid my gaze, maybe he was too terrified that he thought he would get a scolding, a good one, instead I just talked to him calmly and I saw tears running down his cheeck. My poor boy, his baju melayu top near the collar was in dark red. Took him to a clinic as I thought the MO can just clip his lips, then he said need to be referred to a surgeon. Least we know, his gum needs stitches too and appointment was made to have him under GA the next morning.

"one restless boy, waiting in his gown. he looks cute though"

"sticker for him, to lift up his spirit"

"he waited for 10 mins at the OT sebab mak dia sibuk berbreakfast, he woke up to see the nurse and not the mother :P. for this i kena an earful from hubby. Sorry sayang, doc kata 1/2 hr, Ummi pergila makan 1/2 an hr."

"ini lapar punya pasal, dah tak ingat dah sakit mulut"

10 stitches to upper gum and lips and it will be removed this Thursday. So far not much drama from him, sibuk melompat lagi adalah :O