Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nael is in Year 1

Nael aka Zul Arif to his friends is now in Year 1 and 4th January onwards, the ZAN household has to follow his schedule, no more waking up late for the parents :P Our day now starts at 5:45am for hubby and moi at 6:00am, reason being, I'm still b'feeding Aidan and 15mins more I consider as a luxury to catch up on the sleep lost :) No issue for Nael to wake up early too, he is more eager than usual, wakes up, take shower and hubby will give shower to Aidan too at 6:15am, yes that EARLY while Ummi prepare breakfast and bekal for everyone.

His 1st day was OK, no crying, no sad face, all I can see was his smile, his thumb up and occasional yawning. Boy oh boy, my boy has grown up. He's sitting at the last row, last seat because we were late and actually I was the last parent sending him to his class. Blame it to the bad traffic..huhuhu.


So for the last 5 days...

1) he gets confuse when we drop him off at gate C in the morning, he wasn't sure how to get to his building. Fyi, this school is huge compare to other schools I have seen and they have 3 blocks that look the same from gate C. Once he gets to the correct building, he knows where his class, there are 5 classes where each has ~38 students, he will lookup for his class name at the door :) . By Friday he knows his way. *phew*

2) during recess, a few days I gave him lunch box and 1 day without as I wanted him to get his snack on his own. He is usually with his partner in class, name Azi@t, once he finishes his meal, we encourage him to get some other food, not that we want him to get canteen food but we just need to know how he handles his money when buying food/drink. So, what I observe, he gets confuse about 1 ringgit note but not the syiling. That is understood as his kindy taught them on the syilings. But if the food cost more than 1 ringgit, this confused him more hehehe...So, to cut short, I just thought him

a. First, put all your food and water on the cashier table, take out your wallet from pocket.
b. Then give 1 ringgit note, if it's more than that, the Kakak will ask you to give her, 10/20/50 cents more.
c. Whatever that you have pay previously, cakap "Ini dah bayar". Pay only what you have not paid. (I saw the kakak ask him another ringgit just because he was carrying with him his half eaten fish ball)

3) toilet - is so so, better than filthy public toilet. He has not use the toilet yet, hemm.....but we already asked him to show us how to unbuckle his canvas belt. He pass!

4) going home - arghhh, headache. A lot of times reminded him the path that he has to take to reach gate C. On Wednesday, his Atuk went and search him frantically all over the school. He was suppose to meet his Atuk at gate C waiting area, after 10 minute of no show, Atuk went for his rounds and got a call from him!!! We thought someone loaned him a handphone and we thought it's a smart thing to do that the night before, hubby wrote 4 major numbers at the back of his business card and placed it in his wallet. It showed that he knows when to use it during emergency. When he was talking, the line was cut off and minutes later his Atuk found him at gate C waiting area. Probed him and he told us that he and Azi@t were using public phones to make calls :P and Azi@t loaned him 50cents..aduhhh!! Even on Thursday and Friday, he showed up late at gate C but we found out another thing, Azi@t has to make calls to his father after school dismiss and my kind boy has been escorting his friend to the canteen to make the calls hehehe..Patutlah keluar lambat!! Aiyoh!!!

"Nael with his partner in crime heh..heh..heh"