Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aidan is 2!

Things that I will want to remember my dear love Aidan when he's at 2 :

1) He didn't really talk except for the 20 something early vocabs that he knew like papa, Naeh, atok, dog n such until he's like 14month where his vocab library growth spurt uncontrollably. Just before 2, he speaks like when Nael was a 3+ albeit some are pelat like

"kaki aidan ejuk, nak akai okin"
"aidan nak jalan, egi JJ (as in Jaya Jusco) ... yayyyy!!"
loves to ask "atok ana (mana)?, wan ana?, papa ana?, Naeh ana?, ummi ana?" and the list goes on.
and when he quarrells with his big brother, he will end it with "abg Naeh kedekot!!!" LOL!!

Another thing, he knows his full name when being ask "what is your name?"
He will say it in jest "Zul *pause 2 sec* Aidan *pause 2 sec* NA-EZ" NA-EZ is said with tounge in between your teeth

2) Knows his body part really well both in Eng and BM and when we reverse it, he knows them too. Ex: Rather than we ask the body part and ask him to point, we also ask him, this body part is call...?
can recite 1-10 in Eng and some random alphabets.

3) You know they are a few types of toddler's kissing..some will smooch with open mouth or purse lips but Aidan is the muncung type, like a fish. Panjang betul muncung dia, boleh sangkut hanger..hehehe..but he's just too cute not to kiss him that way.

4) He has one kind of jiggy that is so cute, like a dancing robot but with faster motion.

5) He can eat on his own with fork and spoon, drink from cup/mug on his own, he can even put on shorts or long pants on his own. I gave 2 thumbs up for his motor skill.

6) He loves to scribble too and too bad, our walls and bedsheet have his art murals on them but it's containble as we keep on encouraging him to write on kiddies white board that Nael now has to share it with Aidan.

7) He loves reading..oh boy! As we flip pages, he loves asking " Nie apa? nie apa? nie apa X 1000 times" Penat Ummi nak layan and worse he wants the same attention that I'm giving to Nael during Nael's reading session with me.

8) He loves loves lego..this is only time I can find peace in the room when he's with his lego. So so quiet, he will produce cakes with a candle on it, a robot he calls Tranz-OH-Mer and a gun to bang a bang :)

9) He still very clingy to me as I'm still nursing him and scared of crowds but not in shopping malls, not that extrovert just like the big brother. I have no issues with that as long as they behave in public.

10) He loves making faces, which makes us so geram sebab teramat comel especially with his comical expressions.


Our dearest Zul Aidan Naez,

Happy 2nd Birthday Sayang! You have been with us for 2 great years and we hope Allah s.w.t will grants us many more years to come for us to shower you, our little one with plenty of love and wonderful memories. May you become anak yang soleh, healthy and happy boy. We love you to bits and we shall miss your toddler cheeky smile and funny face that you have entice us this long. Happy Birthday, Aidan!

From your Ummi, Papa and Abang Naeh :)