Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nyet nyet nyet...

Hari ni kan saya rasa nak komplen banyak2..tapikan saya rasa tak patut buat camtu, kena selalu bersyukur kan kan kan...tapikan saya tengah sakit hatilaa, jadi saya terasa mcm nak membebel pulak :( grrrr...

Hati nie mcm bengkerk jer dengan maid saya....terasa macam dia nie dah macam jadi semakin malas, ambik kesempatan dan tak tahu nak ambik hati saya grrrr.... memang perasan dia nie semakin menunjukkan her true colors lepas incident mintak naik gaji sebelum raya hari tu. Not even 1 year, dah mintak naik gaji :( pastu pastu saya dapat tahu anak saya makan nasi kosong sebab dia m.a.l.a.s nak goreng telur :( dia sendiri yg kata "saya malaslah nak goreng..." grrrr..pastu pastu semalam, anak saya kelaparan lagi uhuk uhuk...haiyaaa...susah rasanya..nak marah dia tu dah tua, nak cakap mmg dah berbuih dah mulut...sekejap jer laa dia buat, pastu lupa balik...

Times like this I always try to look into her positive things to counter her negative attitude...takpela dia dah tua, takpelah dia tak ingat, takpelah mungkin dia penat...yelah manusia kan mmg tak lari dari buat kesalahan :P Nampaknya, i think i have to let her go after next raya and try a younger one and wishing to get a GodSend house helper :P boley?

Kalau tak pun, saya jer lah yang jadi house helper, habis cerita! HA HA HA...

- the employer who close one eye on any discrapencies found in house chores but not the well beings of the kiddos as she the employer herself does everything for the kiddos once she stepped in the house and the house helper has her own Aruna fix from 9:00pm onward.

Donut should be replaced with handphone

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hope it's not too late!

Alhamdulillah dikurniakan Tuhan nafas dan jasad ini mengharungi Ramadhan dan menyambut Aidil Fitri bersama tersayang. Semoga amalan yang tak seberapa diterima Allah swt dan ingin menyusun sepuluh jari memohon keampunan andaikata ada yang "terasa" dengan tulisan disini dan di kotak komen :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Toy

Someone has just got himself a new toy...

That person aka mr gadget man has been fiddling with his new toy for gazillion hours oblivious to his surrounding *pouts*...hemmphhh.. man and their toys *roll eyes*

To pujuk his muncung wifey, Mr Gadget man offered to get wifey the same toy but wifey said it's too canggih for her. No thank you! But wifey walked away on that Sunday noon with a bag of 2 pieces lip lap lip lap kebaya pendek for Raya...wohohoho...jadiklaaa..

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My 1st week of Ramadhan

SO far so good. Logistic has been good. My other half picks up the kids and maid from MIL and at 6pm moi already in the kitchen, running around, cooking up 2-3 dishes. Only once the hubby bought so-expensive-not-worth-it RM1 per 1 ketul popia goreng. Harapkan gabak saja, inti hanya lobak and keras giler, baling kat anjing, anjing pun tak mau makan tau!. The rest of the days, I deep fry crunchy on the outside, sweet and softie in the inside, my version of kurma goreng. Our other kuih is off course the frozen food we bought from Ery, temosa has long gone, murtabak - masyallah, simply marvellous, the filling is just right with the tender chicken and crispy roll - all gone as of yesterday and only left is roti bom.

After much drama with the maid, she finally agreed to continue working with us for another year. Like I said in my previous entry, she is no angel, banyak jugak songeh dia and again holding to basic principal and employer-employee relationship, we allowed her to go balik kampung for 10 days this raya. Maka punahlah harapanku nak membuat 10 jam 1 bijik kek masam manis (> than 2 kg), what with a little tot tagging at your feet, tak payahlah! Therefore, move to plan B...that will be window shopping the day before raya or maybe the night before raya at Jln TAR. They said you can get good bargain for everything, maybe last minute shopping helps to stir me away from the kitchen, no?

Hari nie fikir nak masak nasik lemak, sambal telur kaw2...ehh ada udang, buat sambal udanglahh with the basic anchovies, kacang and maybe some deep fry Ayamas drummet. Bubur cha cha and rojak buah for the appetizer/dessert :)

Selamat berpuasa to all and this Sunday genaplah seminggu berpuasa kan? Cepatnya masa...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The demise of Famygirl's grandfather


Please sedekah Al Fatihah to Famygirl's loving grandfather. He passed away this morning. May he rests with the pious in jannah.

On behalf of Famygirl.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aidan is 1!

14th August 2008

My cute little boy of mine is ONE today. How time really flies. Let's start with Aidan's milestone.

First spotted his bottom 2 teeth at 7 month plus, he even can walk by holding along the sofas and enthusiatically wave bye2 ups and downs. Aidan also started murmuring pa pa and ma ma, such a bubbly baby. At 10 months, he took his first baby steps and by 12 mths old he's already walking like a champ.

Aidan is great with food, very adventurous unlike his brother. Every single food we eat, he would become annoy easily if we didn't let him taste some. You name it, he has tasted them before he turns 1 :) 6 mths onwards, Ummi feeds him porridge with meat and vege. He consumed little from instant packed food, never once he tasted the G3rber or H3inz jar food. Since Aidan gets bored easily, Ummi has to try lots of varieties for his porridge and fruits. So far, he's one easy to please with regards to food, sumbat saja dia makan, he even likes potato with curry or dhal taste. Pedas2 pun makan jugak :) Sampai merah bibir!

Aidan has lost his baby fat (yang tak banyak mana tu). He now weighs at 8.3kg and he still takes Ummi milk 100%. Not on formula yet :) Since he's 100% breastfeed baby and no pacifier, he becomes very clingy with his dear Ummi. Aidan has become Ummi's no ONE fan. I have never seen or experience a boy who kuat menyentil hehehe.., at times it bothers me quite a bit especially when you have to do your thing :P Even masa solat pun nak bergayut kat kaki and nangis2. Hemmm..budak sorang nie :)

Aidan has one obvious hobby that is putting every single thing in his mouth and his saliva, boleh tahan jugak, banyak! I think he has swallowed tissues and bits of papers :( Health wise, he is much healthier than his brother. Only once he contracted Roseala and the normal cough and flu subsided really fast. Thanks to breastmilk and home stay. He is also a curiuos lot! Whatever his brother does, he imitates. Even when he's holding TV remote, he will press some buttons like playing PSII and yes he even tries to ON the TV using the remote (while pointing the remote to the TV). When reading books too, he will point on every word. So cute!

Aidan loves to be tossed by his papa, he shrieks with laughter and he loves to be on the swing. Whenever we tell him that we need to leave the playground, he will cry in a pretentious mode hahaha...

Zul Aidan Naez, although papa and ummi did not shower you with plenty of gifts and toys but we have abundance of love to shower you with. You are our pride and joy and your laughter always brings the happiness and the best in us as parents. Happy Birthday sayang Aidan and we all love you dearly. From Ummi, Papa and Abang Nael.

Monday, August 04, 2008

On this date...

After 8 years with 2 kids and with some assets and liabilities, we're still hand in hand through thick and thin. May Allah bless us with more love and rezeki in years to come.

"Happy Anniversary, Sayang" and thanks for everything!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's going on?

Off late I have been feeling mellow and at times feeling like I'm on top of the world, sometimes cursing to myself and sometimes feeling plain bored..ehh why the heck I'm feeling such a way?

Maybe due to several reasons ie, work has been kinda boring, not much excitement on going, very much the same, mundane! On other note, syukurlaa kan takde issue hehehe *touch wood, wouch wood*. Then when you surf the net esp on the daily news, goshhhh..the ever non stop bickering among the politicians, very demeaning and degrading. Takde benda lain ker nak buat? Nonetheless, they are becoming the rakyat's laughing stock. Ahh well..I rest my case.

Then, in today's news, a malay father killed his 2 young children and hung himself. Nak nangis jer baca. Very depressing :(

The not so depressing story is, unbelievable it might be, we had just received our performance bonus :) Not much to some but to me it's quite good esp when you compare to the previous years. Alhamdulillah! and the increment? alhamdulillah as well :) I guess the 3 mth stint of not having my superior was blessing in disguise. I have no complain :P and with that ciput increment, I have signed up Education Fund for Aidan *sigh*. Talk about money comes and go :(

The highlight of the week issss....is to meet all of you mommy bloggers next Tues.. *hooray*

That's all folk for this week. Back to surfing work :P

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Maid talk

Terasa nak menceceh today. Managed to subscribe my friends through Readers, cool tool indeed :) Moving forward I think I just laze here for time being or maybe when I get all comfy here, I can just close the other one.

10 things why I like my maid
1) She makes superb sambal belacan *drool*.
2) She has green fingers, she takes good care of the greens (yg tak seberapa itu). Oh yes she even planted papaya, tomatoes, green chillies :) Next might be four angel bean.
3) She can cook when I don't feel like cooking.
4) She takes care of my precious hood and hob. No more scrubbing for me :P
5) She even washes my car despite I kata takyah laa.
6) She does the laundry, folding and ironing :)
7) She cleans the house but not our room.
8) She is excellent with the kids. What I mean here is gentle.
9) She herself is neat.
10) Bestest is she is my massuer, kalah Thai 0dessy.

She is not an angel but with these traits, I just count my blessings. Syukur...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hear me new me

Sangat membuhsankan itu lagi satu punya web blog. Asyik down memanjang..I think I'll make this one as permanent and the other one as a backup, maybe I should reconsider of looking into some other web blog to be my backup :P

The thing is I need to search for all my buddies again in Bl0gger and have to relink again to their sites.

Nothing much from me, same old same old, nothing much from work and rumah tangga. Kids are doing well, should have another entries just for them.

To lunch...later...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nael is 5!

I have been longing to write about Nael, his achievements, his milestone, his charm, his attitude towards his baby brother and other gazillion things but my mind is always about thinking of the day to day happenings, the office, the family, the baby, the chores...

I remember a week before I gave birth to Aidan is the most precious moments I have with Nael. we were so closed, we were like one , in a love cacoon , touching, kissing, huggings and I pampered him a lot, knowing that my time with him will be very limited with the new arrival. Each day for that one week, he was with me, we didn't send him over to his nenek's house, I did what every mother does to her kids, wake him up from sleep, drag him to shower, brush teeth, cuci bontot (poo time) , cooked b'fast, then luch hour came, we had lunch outings, bought him cheap toys from 7-11, spent the whole afternoon watching ceria (until i got really sick with ultraman, kampung boy and such), waited for papa to come home from office, dinner, then play and read with him, watched tv until late night, huggie huggie, kissy kissy ...that's what we did everyday for about a week. Then came Aidan, I was happy but at the same time sadness crept up in me when I started to hold the baby, I felt so distant with Nael esp during the confinement. Pity him really, tv was his peer, no one to layan him. As a mother you can feel his lost and the craving for attention, what more when you hold your baby, he demanded to be held exactly like the baby. Sometimes I snapped at him for slamming the door and woke up the baby and me :( He also see less of his papa during that period as papa was really busy in the office, so to compensate for the time lost and also to divert his attention, hubby bought him a playstation :P and a few other toys that were really expensive (which I'm totally against it). So bermulalah cerita Nael with his new addiction....

PSII : oh boy...it's really a boy thingy..small boys, big boys, they are the same, tak mau makan, tak mau tido, tak mau mandi. The funny thing is when you see them fighting over the watchamacalit, remote/joystick, apa2lah..the wars and battles, the roar, the cheers, the jeers, the excitements, the slamming, the thumb cramp, the tired eyes , the aching body was speechless. The first game he played was ultraman and Cars, then came the rest, Spiderman, Tomb Raider, Sonic, Golden Compass, Hot Wheels, Ben10 (the latest) and many more. I can tell you he's really good with them, some games he managed to get to the high level as high as level 7 for spiderman. One thing you hv to bear in mind he can't really read but he can manouvere the menu easy peasy but some instructions, we have to tell and guide him. Another clever note he even thought his papa on some great moves hehehe..sometimes I saw them exchanging ideas, kinda like knowledge sharing hahaha..very cute!

Nael loves his baby brother. Whenever Aidan cries for milk, he would summon me "cepatla mimi, aidan nak nenen nieee, bagila nenen ummi tu.." and he loves saying this when Aidan was abt3-4 mths.."alaaabudak comel nie, senyum pulak dia.." while tickling Aidan's cheek. But now Aidan is 9 mths old,quite aggresive and playful with toys, the big brother somehow has developed "this toy is mine and that's yours" and sometimes "THIS is mine and THAT is mine too". Pity Aidan but we are not going to let it happen anymore, we constantly remind him to share, this is your baby brother, you have to love him, etc...Nevertheless, we can tell that he can't get enough of his baby brother.

Since, he joined C3C in Jan and he's already reading Book 6. He can read page by page in Eng and his word bank is increasing tremendeuosly. Recently we received his math paper and not bad at all with his perfect score for addition, bigger and smaller numbers. Not only that, he even can recite surahs : fatihah, ikhlas, an-nas, al falaq, al-asr, lahab, kafiroon, from his nenek's computer :) Sometimes, he even perform solat on his own reciting surah that he's comfortable with albeit 5 rakaats for Isya' :)

Today is 21st May and it has been 5 years we have him. Thank you Allah for the most precious gift of all : anak2.

Sayang Ummi and papa, Zul Arif Nael : Happy 5th Birthday sayang! Lots of love from us and your baby brother Aidan.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nael is 4!

My dearest darling Zul Arif Nael...

It was 4 years back, 21st of May 2003 at around 1:30pm, I held you in my arms and we were overcome with so much joy and emotions to see such a beautiful and healthy baby. Despite the knot of your umbilical cord which can be fatal and your neck was wrapped and twisted by them, alhamdullilah you were protected by Allah, you were safe and most importantly healthy. Bringing you up was not an easy task especially on the health department but who would want to remember? We cherish every single little thing from your wet diapers to your cutesy little smile and now we, your parents go crazy with your wicked foolish manja expression that you flash from time to time. We are your biggest fan and we would die to make you a one happy boy. We love you to the bits sayang and with so much pride and joy we're looking forward to have another 100 years to be with you.

Happy 4th Birthday Sayang Ummi and Papa

"Fresh from the oven - Taken on 21st May 2003"

"At nursery, ready to cut cake with friends - Taken on 21st May 2004"

"Tengah godek2 Ummi's pusrse - Taken on 21st May 2005"

"Budak nakal tapi manja! - Taken on 21st May 2006"