Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's going on?

Off late I have been feeling mellow and at times feeling like I'm on top of the world, sometimes cursing to myself and sometimes feeling plain bored..ehh why the heck I'm feeling such a way?

Maybe due to several reasons ie, work has been kinda boring, not much excitement on going, very much the same, mundane! On other note, syukurlaa kan takde issue hehehe *touch wood, wouch wood*. Then when you surf the net esp on the daily news, goshhhh..the ever non stop bickering among the politicians, very demeaning and degrading. Takde benda lain ker nak buat? Nonetheless, they are becoming the rakyat's laughing stock. Ahh well..I rest my case.

Then, in today's news, a malay father killed his 2 young children and hung himself. Nak nangis jer baca. Very depressing :(

The not so depressing story is, unbelievable it might be, we had just received our performance bonus :) Not much to some but to me it's quite good esp when you compare to the previous years. Alhamdulillah! and the increment? alhamdulillah as well :) I guess the 3 mth stint of not having my superior was blessing in disguise. I have no complain :P and with that ciput increment, I have signed up Education Fund for Aidan *sigh*. Talk about money comes and go :(

The highlight of the week to meet all of you mommy bloggers next Tues.. *hooray*

That's all folk for this week. Back to surfing work :P

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Maid talk

Terasa nak menceceh today. Managed to subscribe my friends through Readers, cool tool indeed :) Moving forward I think I just laze here for time being or maybe when I get all comfy here, I can just close the other one.

10 things why I like my maid
1) She makes superb sambal belacan *drool*.
2) She has green fingers, she takes good care of the greens (yg tak seberapa itu). Oh yes she even planted papaya, tomatoes, green chillies :) Next might be four angel bean.
3) She can cook when I don't feel like cooking.
4) She takes care of my precious hood and hob. No more scrubbing for me :P
5) She even washes my car despite I kata takyah laa.
6) She does the laundry, folding and ironing :)
7) She cleans the house but not our room.
8) She is excellent with the kids. What I mean here is gentle.
9) She herself is neat.
10) Bestest is she is my massuer, kalah Thai 0dessy.

She is not an angel but with these traits, I just count my blessings. Syukur...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hear me new me

Sangat membuhsankan itu lagi satu punya web blog. Asyik down memanjang..I think I'll make this one as permanent and the other one as a backup, maybe I should reconsider of looking into some other web blog to be my backup :P

The thing is I need to search for all my buddies again in Bl0gger and have to relink again to their sites.

Nothing much from me, same old same old, nothing much from work and rumah tangga. Kids are doing well, should have another entries just for them.

To lunch...later...