Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ramadhan musing

Salam all..

ehh macam tulis email..hahah..

Anyways, some things that I want to get off my chest :-

1) Bought 1 way ticket for my maid. After giving us 3 times of ultimatum "kalau tak dapat this this this, saya nak berhenti kerja" *sigh*. Yes! please go, just go. Kinda sad it ends this way, really. I was damn pissed with her but at the same time thinking the good things she has done to us, I soothed my heart to just simply forgive her especially in this holy month. Takpelah, hopes more rezeki will be on my side with Allah grants me with a better helper.

2) Now, reality bites, I still have not gotten a new maid :( Been looking high and low but still tarak, elek! One friend promised to help me look for Orang Asli to become a house helper. Apa2lah dek non, asalkan match with my criteria.

3) Now a million dollar question, who's going to take care of my honey buns? Either my mother or MIL? Since they are really old esp my mother who have just turned 68 last 26th Aug (Alhamdulillah), I was very clueless until yesterday in surau, I thought why not stay put at my mother's house until we get a new maid and will try to look for Indon ladies nearby that are willing to work from 8-6, Mon-Fri? Look I will..

4) Do you know that we have been camping at my mak's place for nearly 11 mths? grrrr...rumahku syurgaku hotelku :P

5) Nael has been diligently berpuasa separuh hari (2pm onwards) everyday except on 6th Ramadhan, he had the full day. Good boy!! ohh and he even makan masa sahur dengan mata tutup mulut jer nganga everyday without fail. Bagus! bagus! tak susah nak bangun. 1 tip is to dokong jer budak nie :))

6) Nampaknya hajat nak buat kenduri cum Raya Open house cum birthday Aidan in Syawal kena postpone lagi. Too much things to do with little help and time to scout for things..tak sempatlah!! pressure..pressure.


Till later --> to attend training..zzzzzzzz...