Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Toy

Someone has just got himself a new toy...

That person aka mr gadget man has been fiddling with his new toy for gazillion hours oblivious to his surrounding *pouts*...hemmphhh.. man and their toys *roll eyes*

To pujuk his muncung wifey, Mr Gadget man offered to get wifey the same toy but wifey said it's too canggih for her. No thank you! But wifey walked away on that Sunday noon with a bag of 2 pieces lip lap lip lap kebaya pendek for Raya...wohohoho...jadiklaaa..

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My 1st week of Ramadhan

SO far so good. Logistic has been good. My other half picks up the kids and maid from MIL and at 6pm moi already in the kitchen, running around, cooking up 2-3 dishes. Only once the hubby bought so-expensive-not-worth-it RM1 per 1 ketul popia goreng. Harapkan gabak saja, inti hanya lobak and keras giler, baling kat anjing, anjing pun tak mau makan tau!. The rest of the days, I deep fry crunchy on the outside, sweet and softie in the inside, my version of kurma goreng. Our other kuih is off course the frozen food we bought from Ery, temosa has long gone, murtabak - masyallah, simply marvellous, the filling is just right with the tender chicken and crispy roll - all gone as of yesterday and only left is roti bom.

After much drama with the maid, she finally agreed to continue working with us for another year. Like I said in my previous entry, she is no angel, banyak jugak songeh dia and again holding to basic principal and employer-employee relationship, we allowed her to go balik kampung for 10 days this raya. Maka punahlah harapanku nak membuat 10 jam 1 bijik kek masam manis (> than 2 kg), what with a little tot tagging at your feet, tak payahlah! Therefore, move to plan B...that will be window shopping the day before raya or maybe the night before raya at Jln TAR. They said you can get good bargain for everything, maybe last minute shopping helps to stir me away from the kitchen, no?

Hari nie fikir nak masak nasik lemak, sambal telur kaw2...ehh ada udang, buat sambal udanglahh with the basic anchovies, kacang and maybe some deep fry Ayamas drummet. Bubur cha cha and rojak buah for the appetizer/dessert :)

Selamat berpuasa to all and this Sunday genaplah seminggu berpuasa kan? Cepatnya masa...