Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The demise of Famygirl's grandfather


Please sedekah Al Fatihah to Famygirl's loving grandfather. He passed away this morning. May he rests with the pious in jannah.

On behalf of Famygirl.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aidan is 1!

14th August 2008

My cute little boy of mine is ONE today. How time really flies. Let's start with Aidan's milestone.

First spotted his bottom 2 teeth at 7 month plus, he even can walk by holding along the sofas and enthusiatically wave bye2 ups and downs. Aidan also started murmuring pa pa and ma ma, such a bubbly baby. At 10 months, he took his first baby steps and by 12 mths old he's already walking like a champ.

Aidan is great with food, very adventurous unlike his brother. Every single food we eat, he would become annoy easily if we didn't let him taste some. You name it, he has tasted them before he turns 1 :) 6 mths onwards, Ummi feeds him porridge with meat and vege. He consumed little from instant packed food, never once he tasted the G3rber or H3inz jar food. Since Aidan gets bored easily, Ummi has to try lots of varieties for his porridge and fruits. So far, he's one easy to please with regards to food, sumbat saja dia makan, he even likes potato with curry or dhal taste. Pedas2 pun makan jugak :) Sampai merah bibir!

Aidan has lost his baby fat (yang tak banyak mana tu). He now weighs at 8.3kg and he still takes Ummi milk 100%. Not on formula yet :) Since he's 100% breastfeed baby and no pacifier, he becomes very clingy with his dear Ummi. Aidan has become Ummi's no ONE fan. I have never seen or experience a boy who kuat menyentil hehehe.., at times it bothers me quite a bit especially when you have to do your thing :P Even masa solat pun nak bergayut kat kaki and nangis2. Hemmm..budak sorang nie :)

Aidan has one obvious hobby that is putting every single thing in his mouth and his saliva, boleh tahan jugak, banyak! I think he has swallowed tissues and bits of papers :( Health wise, he is much healthier than his brother. Only once he contracted Roseala and the normal cough and flu subsided really fast. Thanks to breastmilk and home stay. He is also a curiuos lot! Whatever his brother does, he imitates. Even when he's holding TV remote, he will press some buttons like playing PSII and yes he even tries to ON the TV using the remote (while pointing the remote to the TV). When reading books too, he will point on every word. So cute!

Aidan loves to be tossed by his papa, he shrieks with laughter and he loves to be on the swing. Whenever we tell him that we need to leave the playground, he will cry in a pretentious mode hahaha...

Zul Aidan Naez, although papa and ummi did not shower you with plenty of gifts and toys but we have abundance of love to shower you with. You are our pride and joy and your laughter always brings the happiness and the best in us as parents. Happy Birthday sayang Aidan and we all love you dearly. From Ummi, Papa and Abang Nael.

Monday, August 04, 2008

On this date...

After 8 years with 2 kids and with some assets and liabilities, we're still hand in hand through thick and thin. May Allah bless us with more love and rezeki in years to come.

"Happy Anniversary, Sayang" and thanks for everything!