Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm tagged!!!! Have a piece of me.

7 facts you may not know about me:

- anak bongsu yg manja dan mengada2, sayang sangat kat parents, sampai besar pun bila jalan dgn bapak suka sgt pegang tangan dia, sampai org kata kita makwe dia pulak and he was so proud coz that shows he still looks young har har har..masa tu kita umur 18 sampai kahwin
- suka sangat outdoor activity, sometimes call myself "very atheletic" perasan jap ..suka giler pergi camping, jungle trekking, rock climbing, roller bladding, masa kat States, owned a pair of ski, asyik giler main skiing (sebab Uni owns a skii mount & resort)sampai boleh pergi Blue code area..takler sampai Diamond (itu membunuh namanya),boleh snowboarding but all these are useless now coz i'm married to a totally opposite guy :P. Dalam hati nie membara jer, tunggu anak2 besar and am hopeful that these boys will follow after me. I still have my K2 roller blades that cost a bomb.
- i sound horrible when i sing, mau semua org lari lintang pukang
- saya suka sangat menari, gila suka and i know i can dance well
- involved in a very bad car accident masa kat states, i was sound asleep when the car turned turtle and moi was flung out and landed by the roadside! i had so much of err mri scan? or is it x ray? can't remember sebab asyik pass out jer. all of us in the car kept our mouth shut, did not tell out parents until a few years back...itupun my room mate yg pecah rahsia :) and another bad accident when i tried getting down a steep slope with my skiis guided by my handsome (seriously mmg hensem giler mamat nie - bukan pakkwelah!) mentor and apa lagi, bad landing and i hurt my head very bad..alhamdulillah syukurrrr sesangat, i'm fine till today and right before i flew back to M'sia, gila gatal nak snowboard and another snow boarder hit me from behind...his snowboard hit my head and this was the worst...syukur syukur kepadaNYA..saya sihat.
- never ever ever try to do skydiving or bungy jumping..although masa muda2 memang suka height but i just have no BALLS!!
- kuat berangan masa kecik2 dulu hehehe...

7 things that scare me:

- dari kecik sampai dewasa ni mmg hopeless kalau jumpa lipas, gerenti takut
- any scary movies, bila tengok kena tutup muka dgn tangan dan bukak sikit2, watch between fingers :P
- errr diseases
- losing of my beloved ones
- of dying..seriously i always think of death but that makes me closer to Allah
- of not providing enough for the kids dan yg sepatutnya
- of not doing enough should i leave this world

7 songs that I like the most:

i don't have specific song but mostly i layan semua tapi bukanlaa mcm mama rawk layan dangdut heheh..

tukar jadi 5 singers I like most -- aci tak?
- sarah mclachlan
- jon bon jovi
- destiny child
- eminem
- misha omar

7 phrases that I say the most:

- Hai all my 3 sayangs
- Duhhh!! ---> haa ini masa kerja lah nie
- Apa hallah??
- Ya allah
- Hemm...
- ye kerrrr??
- ok ok ok

7 of my precious things:

- off course my purse, IC, driving license, and cc cards..tak ker susah kalau hilang
- my children & hubby
- the houses and my old car
- my kitchen but not the table top, nak buat granite top tak mampu and all the appliances
- my shoesssss
- my kids stuff, whatever we bought them, i make sure they are well taken care off, so that boleh guna lama2 n bagi org in good condition when i decided to tutup kilang
- and last but not least, my precious collection of the kids pictures and short videos that we have collected from the past 5 years. they are growing!! very priceless!!

7 memorable first timers:

- dapat naik flight in first class. by accident jer..i reached late at the check in counter and was upgraded to 1st woo udah lah 24 hrs long flight, asyik makan jer kerjanya.
- sudah semestinya trip to New Zealand with hubby, honeymoon beb :) best giler coz we took caravan, adventurous laa katakan and best part, each time we bump into another caravan (coz there are just too many tourist with caravan), we will honk and wave to each other, while me and hubby yelled Maui! kelakar giler...sebab kejap2 kena angkat tangan.
- i will never forget the first time i held my babies in my arm, the feelings are indescribable (sp)
- 1st time i baked a carrot cake to entice my future in law family (back then), dah selalu buat the carrot cake with sugar frosting, it always turned out good but on that day it wasn't moist but hard. My carrot cake recipe uses vegetable oil but on that fateful day, mmg tak menjadi langsung, gubra habis!
- 1st time dapat naik kuda...when i was in states during summer, i worked for a month at Wendy's. can you believe that? and i qot acquainted with this lady, baik sangat...we used to have our break together, me and my baked potato and she invited me and my gf to come over to her house. Rupa2nya dia banyak bela horses, keluarga koboilah katakan, so we toured her house, her ranch and spoke to us about bull riding laa, dan segala medal family dia menang dan pelbagai stories laa, very educational to me. Last2 sebelum balik, sempat laa naik kuda. takut betullah!
- 1st time naik basikal racing...horror betul..dlm darjah 4/5, nak tunjuk lagak kat cousin konon, sudahlah 1st time naik basikal yg kaki tak cecah lantai, turun bukit pulak tu..tak ker stupido namanya hahaha ( i really laugh when writing this)
- 1st time when i officially became a wife and both my parents about to leave our rented apartment, we sent them to their car and after salamed, my both parents turned to leave and i saw that gaze, in their eyes, very very sad and heavy feeling to say bye bye to their youngest and i felt the same. A pang of sadness.

There you go. I have never been so honest and being open about myself. How's that?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bye bye, hi hi...'s been ages since I last logged in to this account..yikes!!! and now it's already 2009 :)

I have been busy for the last one month in the office. Boss was away for haj and I have to take over his stuff and I'm sooooo very glad that it's over!!!I mean he's back and now I'm on leave for the rest of the week..yay!!!Handling RM1.5mil project wasn't easy peasy but I love the coordinating part, giving out instructions to ahemmm...guys who are some of them senior than me and they really listen and I did make some important tell the truth, I felt good..seriously after many moons of complaining about my mundane job but now I felt it's all worth it when people look up to me. All the while I've been a shadow to my boss but now it's different and I hope it will remain the same or even better.

Hokehhhh..enough of work...back to the brood...I'm on leave and I do enjoy it every minute, waking up so very late ..( err..lepas subuh tido bangun kul 9:30, lambat tak?) the kids? yes the kids are loving it too..having both of us with them, they are really spoil. We didn't go anywhere, mostly spending time at our own home and moi and helper been decluttering every nook and corner. In every cabinets, we sweep clean and rearrange stuff in the kitchen, in the rooms and most time are spend on the kids toy room...goshhh...berapa banyak kali kemas, macam tak pernah kemas. All the kids baju lama are repack, relabel and the Toyogo boxes rearrange. Filings of leftovers letters is tomorrow's agenda, that will not take much time as I have done biannual filings last month..pheww...but I have to sort 1 year pictures in albums..dang! and also planning to reaaring things in the store!! cukup ker lagi 3 hari?

The reason we were not going anywhere as some might ask coz I declined combi's invitation earlier was due to the last minute plan by my brother's family to have our year end family getaway earlier than expected. This year, our leave were not match hence we were on our seperate ways. We only took the kids to zoo yesterday!'s big and thank god not many people and the weather was superb, sunshine but breezy. My couch potato and game master kid, Nael complained that he walked too much and he's already sweating, so we should all just go home...*roll eyes*. We were only there for 2 hours hehehe...Aidan was annoyed as he was very much into looking for ummi's bossom for comfort.."I want it now, now, NOWWWW for my afternoon nap" *roll eyes*.

"Teringat kat Elisa n Lollies when I see this stinking camel huhuhuh.."

Salam Maal Hijrah and A Happy New Year to all :)