Monday, June 29, 2009


I have been meaning to write something about the kiddos but didn't find the time..been busy or buat2 busy :P


I did not tell you about the post party was awesome coz the birthday boy had fun! Remember the end of May was super duper blazing hot although it was at night? The choc fudge Ben 10 cake from Resipi Rahsia melted only in 1 and 1/2 hours in room temperature! but the ZAN brood together with atok, wan and other cucus had terrific dinner and it was time for games. What we had for games were written here
but the bestest in my opinion was the blind folded musical chair! Hats off to Che Na...lawak gilos I tell you. Just imagine these kids blind folded scrambled for chair small plastic stools and the final between 2 girls was super duper eeking funny when I (as the emcee) moved the stool out of the basically they were on top of each other!! har har har. Too bad we did not snap pictures but it was all on video...yay to that!

These are the teka teki Questions I gave :-
1)Kat hujung katil ada apa?
2)Dalam banyak2 mata, mata apa yang paling besar?
3)Bapak Ali ada 5 orang anak iaitu nana, nini, nani dan nina, sorang lagi nama apa?
4)Dalam banyak2 ikan, ikan mana yang paling garang?
5)Kalau gajah naik basikal, manusia naik apa?

Silalah jawap ya anak-anak....

Eeee..hokeh hokeh..back to Nael. We have extracted 2 bottom milk teeth on 2 different visits to the dentist. Syukurlah, he is so okay with dentist, not afraid at all and even ask me to take him to see his dentist. 1 tooth cost me that cheap or expensive?

Did I tell you that we went to Dino Trek? yes we did. In anticipation of the brood will get tired due to the 'wide coverage' that we need to explore, I bugged the kids and hubby to go to bed really early and woke them up early. So by 10am, we were at the KLCC car park and went straight for the tickets. The kids enjoyed them, Nael loves the racing with the Dino and amazingly Aidan loved the jiggy! Muka tak tau malu, 2 to 3 times he did his jiggy. I wish I can upload the video but I don't have it with me at the mo. In an hour, we were done :) hehehe...Ingatkan besar manalah...But that day we covered major malls in town, KLCC, Pavillion and Tropicana City Mall and once we were back at home, the kids and hubby slept like a log. Maknya yang jugak tak tido :P.

Coming up ZAN II

Thursday, June 18, 2009


moi : order snack plate 1, original..

girl : ada lagi kak?

moi : air tukar twister

girl : lagi?

moi : itu saja...

girl : sebelas ringgit empat puluh sen

moi : ok

*bukak purse....jaw dropped.....duit elek...*

moi : adik..kensel..kensel..

*muka merah*

moi : takde cash!!

*malu..........* org ramai kat belakang hahaha..

girl : takpe kak, saya tunggu, akak boleh keluar duit kat bawah di stesen ATM terdekat...dekat saja!

moi : ok ok :P

sungguh skema jawapan budak tu har har har...

apa2 pun saya dah lapar, nak balik mau makan hot banana fritters..check out my new TWITTTTT upper left...

Sekian ...itu saja yang saya nak bagi tau ...hohohoh...