Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Berabuknya rumah saya kat sini...Too many things to tell but as always, mood tarak or blogging half way and my train of thoughts derailed, what's new there?

Mostly, I miss all of you and kinda missing updating entries :P. Would like to share some of the what's going on with zan n brood in 3 mths back...

1. I think somewhere right after Aidil fitri, my 70 year old dad was hospitalized to insert a pacemaker somewhere near to his heart. Before Raya, we got to know that his heart stop for 3 secs from his Holter readings. He was ok and alhamdulillah, his heart is functioning well at the moment. Then my mother was hospitalized for a few days due to her diabetic condition and she was discharged with some alterations to her medicine intake.

2. We managed to have a quick get away retreat at avilli0n PD. The kids really enjoy the sandy beach with sand castles, the pool with their ben10 floties, water gun and what nots and off course the bath tub shower which we have to take extra effort to get them out of there.

3. The maid - yeah the new one is nonetheless to be seen. After so much hiccups on the agent side, I finally managed to send the calling visa to Pekan Baru and yes, we're still waiting. My target to have her here before Nael starts school went kaboom. Allah is the greatest planner of all,He knows best.

4. Nael will be going to TTDI gomen school next year and boy, the preparation is endless but thank God for the 3 Friday public holidays. Managed to get all the necessities done even the membalut buku teks yang macam lunyai itu and workbooks. Lencana sekolah pun dah siap jahit kat poket :), All apparrels dan segala tok nenek labelled...te he he. Can you hear the excitement??

5. We also managed to clear up 2 rooms that were earlier filled with boxes. We didn't do the unpacking for near to 3 years since we moved in due to a. no closets in both rooms b. no one is using the rooms c. we have not been staying in the house for slightly more than a year. But since, Nael is kind of ready to be moved in to his proper room, we decided to furnish both rooms together. So, we I have been busy with the you know what, see ID, selecting matrials, seal the deal, supervising installation, blah2... At last, we now have Nael's room (albeit we hv not moved in his bed yet) and guest room for solat n tido2. Phewwww..

6. Do you know that now me and Ery are officially neighbours? :) Now at least I have new people in the area to wave too especially during our weekend walks and also I have a buddy for a quick swinging session ;)

7. I was hospitalized on 22nd November as I had a heart palpitation attack when I was queueing up for lunch at A&W. I was alone that time and I felt really funny and my heart was beating really fast. It was Friday afternoon when all my male relatives n hubby were about to have Friday prayer. All I could think that time to make a call to my mother. I told her that I think I am about to pass out and my voice was so weak and she asked to get anyone help over there. Alhamdulillah, 1 lady and 1 man helped me to get to the nearest hospital which is only 5 mins away. When I was in emergency room, the cardiologist is away for his Friday prayer too and at that time I had another wave of heart palpitation. It was really scary and all I could think was that was it, it's my time and I'm all alone in there.

In short, my ecg, echo, holter reading, blood reading and stress test was all OK and I was discharged the next day. But again I had the same thing on 8th Dec during lunch. This really got into me as although the doc said I'm ok and it might be due to your lack of sleep/caffein intake/fever but deep inside I was worried and still am. Thinking of there might some be underlying problems and since then I was really sad, thinking of dieing (sp?), thinking of the children a lot, thinking of the not enough amalan, etc. Everyone will die but when you know that you have something that might cause you your life, you can't help it to be thinking of a lot of things day in day out. Your worries multifold and sometimes, pschologically it affects you. But in other words, this wake up call certainly streghtening my iman and taqwa. Alhamdulillah.

8. Allah is great, when we have some rezeki before this, he gives some and he takes away some of it. It really helps to let out some steam :) Oh yes, Salam Maal Hijrah and forgive me for any wrong doing. I think I will blog again in 2010 with some stories of my 2 darlings, Nael's 1st big day at school and Aidan the chatter box :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ramadhan musing

Salam all..

ehh macam tulis email..hahah..

Anyways, some things that I want to get off my chest :-

1) Bought 1 way ticket for my maid. After giving us 3 times of ultimatum "kalau tak dapat this this this, saya nak berhenti kerja" *sigh*. Yes! please go, just go. Kinda sad it ends this way, really. I was damn pissed with her but at the same time thinking the good things she has done to us, I soothed my heart to just simply forgive her especially in this holy month. Takpelah, hopes more rezeki will be on my side with Allah grants me with a better helper.

2) Now, reality bites, I still have not gotten a new maid :( Been looking high and low but still tarak, elek! One friend promised to help me look for Orang Asli to become a house helper. Apa2lah dek non, asalkan match with my criteria.

3) Now a million dollar question, who's going to take care of my honey buns? Either my mother or MIL? Since they are really old esp my mother who have just turned 68 last 26th Aug (Alhamdulillah), I was very clueless until yesterday in surau, I thought why not stay put at my mother's house until we get a new maid and will try to look for Indon ladies nearby that are willing to work from 8-6, Mon-Fri? Look I will..

4) Do you know that we have been camping at my mak's place for nearly 11 mths? grrrr...rumahku syurgaku hotelku :P

5) Nael has been diligently berpuasa separuh hari (2pm onwards) everyday except on 6th Ramadhan, he had the full day. Good boy!! ohh and he even makan masa sahur dengan mata tutup mulut jer nganga everyday without fail. Bagus! bagus! tak susah nak bangun. 1 tip is to dokong jer budak nie :))

6) Nampaknya hajat nak buat kenduri cum Raya Open house cum birthday Aidan in Syawal kena postpone lagi. Too much things to do with little help and time to scout for things..tak sempatlah!! pressure..pressure.


Till later --> to attend training..zzzzzzzz...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aidan is 2!

Things that I will want to remember my dear love Aidan when he's at 2 :

1) He didn't really talk except for the 20 something early vocabs that he knew like papa, Naeh, atok, dog n such until he's like 14month where his vocab library growth spurt uncontrollably. Just before 2, he speaks like when Nael was a 3+ albeit some are pelat like

"kaki aidan ejuk, nak akai okin"
"aidan nak jalan, egi JJ (as in Jaya Jusco) ... yayyyy!!"
loves to ask "atok ana (mana)?, wan ana?, papa ana?, Naeh ana?, ummi ana?" and the list goes on.
and when he quarrells with his big brother, he will end it with "abg Naeh kedekot!!!" LOL!!

Another thing, he knows his full name when being ask "what is your name?"
He will say it in jest "Zul *pause 2 sec* Aidan *pause 2 sec* NA-EZ" NA-EZ is said with tounge in between your teeth

2) Knows his body part really well both in Eng and BM and when we reverse it, he knows them too. Ex: Rather than we ask the body part and ask him to point, we also ask him, this body part is call...?
can recite 1-10 in Eng and some random alphabets.

3) You know they are a few types of toddler's kissing..some will smooch with open mouth or purse lips but Aidan is the muncung type, like a fish. Panjang betul muncung dia, boleh sangkut hanger..hehehe..but he's just too cute not to kiss him that way.

4) He has one kind of jiggy that is so cute, like a dancing robot but with faster motion.

5) He can eat on his own with fork and spoon, drink from cup/mug on his own, he can even put on shorts or long pants on his own. I gave 2 thumbs up for his motor skill.

6) He loves to scribble too and too bad, our walls and bedsheet have his art murals on them but it's containble as we keep on encouraging him to write on kiddies white board that Nael now has to share it with Aidan.

7) He loves reading..oh boy! As we flip pages, he loves asking " Nie apa? nie apa? nie apa X 1000 times" Penat Ummi nak layan and worse he wants the same attention that I'm giving to Nael during Nael's reading session with me.

8) He loves loves lego..this is only time I can find peace in the room when he's with his lego. So so quiet, he will produce cakes with a candle on it, a robot he calls Tranz-OH-Mer and a gun to bang a bang :)

9) He still very clingy to me as I'm still nursing him and scared of crowds but not in shopping malls, not that extrovert just like the big brother. I have no issues with that as long as they behave in public.

10) He loves making faces, which makes us so geram sebab teramat comel especially with his comical expressions.


Our dearest Zul Aidan Naez,

Happy 2nd Birthday Sayang! You have been with us for 2 great years and we hope Allah s.w.t will grants us many more years to come for us to shower you, our little one with plenty of love and wonderful memories. May you become anak yang soleh, healthy and happy boy. We love you to bits and we shall miss your toddler cheeky smile and funny face that you have entice us this long. Happy Birthday, Aidan!

From your Ummi, Papa and Abang Naeh :)

Monday, June 29, 2009


I have been meaning to write something about the kiddos but didn't find the time..been busy or buat2 busy :P


I did not tell you about the post party aye...it was awesome coz the birthday boy had fun! Remember the end of May was super duper blazing hot although it was at night? The choc fudge Ben 10 cake from Resipi Rahsia melted only in 1 and 1/2 hours in room temperature! but the ZAN brood together with atok, wan and other cucus had terrific dinner and it was time for games. What we had for games were written here
but the bestest in my opinion was the blind folded musical chair! Hats off to Che Na...lawak gilos I tell you. Just imagine these kids blind folded scrambled for chair small plastic stools and the final between 2 girls was super duper eeking funny when I (as the emcee) moved the stool out of the circle..so basically they were on top of each other!! har har har. Too bad we did not snap pictures but it was all on video...yay to that!

These are the teka teki Questions I gave :-
1)Kat hujung katil ada apa?
2)Dalam banyak2 mata, mata apa yang paling besar?
3)Bapak Ali ada 5 orang anak iaitu nana, nini, nani dan nina, sorang lagi nama apa?
4)Dalam banyak2 ikan, ikan mana yang paling garang?
5)Kalau gajah naik basikal, manusia naik apa?

Silalah jawap ya anak-anak....

Eeee..hokeh hokeh..back to Nael. We have extracted 2 bottom milk teeth on 2 different visits to the dentist. Syukurlah, he is so okay with dentist, not afraid at all and even ask me to take him to see his dentist. 1 tooth cost me RM20...is that cheap or expensive?

Did I tell you that we went to Dino Trek? yes we did. In anticipation of the brood will get tired due to the 'wide coverage' that we need to explore, I bugged the kids and hubby to go to bed really early and woke them up early. So by 10am, we were at the KLCC car park and went straight for the tickets. The kids enjoyed them, Nael loves the racing with the Dino and amazingly Aidan loved the jiggy! Muka tak tau malu, 2 to 3 times he did his jiggy. I wish I can upload the video but I don't have it with me at the mo. In an hour, we were done :) hehehe...Ingatkan besar manalah...But that day we covered major malls in town, KLCC, Pavillion and Tropicana City Mall and once we were back at home, the kids and hubby slept like a log. Maknya yang jugak tak tido :P.

Coming up ZAN II

Thursday, June 18, 2009


moi : order snack plate 1, original..

girl : ada lagi kak?

moi : air tukar twister

girl : lagi?

moi : itu saja...

girl : sebelas ringgit empat puluh sen

moi : ok

*bukak purse....jaw dropped.....duit elek...*

moi : adik..kensel..kensel..

*muka merah*

moi : takde cash!!

*malu..........* org ramai kat belakang hahaha..

girl : takpe kak, saya tunggu, akak boleh keluar duit kat bawah di stesen ATM terdekat...dekat saja!

moi : ok ok :P

sungguh skema jawapan budak tu har har har...

apa2 pun saya dah lapar, nak balik mau makan hot banana fritters..check out my new TWITTTTT upper left...

Sekian ...itu saja yang saya nak bagi tau ...hohohoh...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nael is 6!

Let's do some recap on his milestone from 5.5 to 6 years old.

Nael is currently reading Dr Seuss's Hop on Pop which he finds it hilarious, Bacalah Sayang and also some of his school materials that is Book 16 for his English reading. He is an average for his reading skills and I'm currently coaching him to do Math from Year 1 book, plus some other Math, English, Bahasa work book bought from some bookshops. He will do one of these activity after he's done with his school homework. He's doing okay for his academic which I have no worry on that and he's now started to speak English again (albeit he needs help in rephrasing his sentences).

He's still into Ben 10 and Ben 10 Force and one funny thing he loves to watch PPG too which I find it quite hilarious. He has some new games for his PSII, some sort of samurai lawan2. He said it's Basara and since he joined TKD classes, he will demonstrate what he learns after each class. His 'new student' is off course his adik :P, the great impersonator :) . Nael latest interest is playing badminton with his cousins, his papa bought him racket for small hand like his, very cute! Alternately, we have been playing freesbie with the kids. Nael instantly fell in love with this game and also he asked for a kite for his birthday. Ehh wait..he asked for so many things for his birthday like roller blades *roll eyes*.

Personality wise...he's obidient type, shy in public, very rajin related to education ie doing homework, reading, what not. He shows his intimacy towards his loves ones, very technical little young man, very drawn into gadgets and quite sensitive about what other peoples think or act towards him.

Health wise...looks like he's allergic to dust, cats fur, he can easily has running nose with teary eyes and sneezing too. Phlemy cough and flu are his 2 best friends :( Still very skinny around 17kg. Eat moderately and very slow too unlike Aidan :P but one thing positive, he would want to taste a lot more variety of food like curry and sambal. I think that's a great achievement for a fussy boy like him.

Nael sayang, Ummi and Papa love you sooooo much and we pray that you will turn out to be a good young man and be blessed by Allah swt in your life. May you be anak yang soleh, disayangi dan disenangi oleh semua, Insyallah. Happy 6th Birthday Sayang, from your loving parents and your die hard fan Aidan :)

"The birthday boy is having high fever! Munching Milo nuggets while waiting at paed's"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pre celebration...

Nael's birthday is coming up very soon :) Yes, he will turn 6 on this 21st and Ilham will turn 11 right? Elisa..who else sharing the same date? is there any besides Ilham?

First we were planning of having bowling birthday party since Nael is so much into bowling but had to strike that one out as fund tak mencukupi :P , plus we have been at my mak's place since many moons back, so the idea of having the bowling party at our house is not convinient at all. Since, he is so looking forward to celebrate his birthday, I promised I will make do with what we have aka have a little party with his cousins and having a Ben 10 cake.

I have been busy during weekend due to work commitment *yikes* and only last Sunday, I managed to order the cake, yesterday bought rm4 below gifts for the games that we will have and today trying to come up with some idea on the games....so far, these are what I can think off since we will be doing it at night (this Sat) in a confined area of the Wan's living room

1. Blind fold musical chair - cilok dari che na
2. Teka teki
3. Pecah belon berdua guna bontot..hahaha
4. Math question - get the age of this A, B to E person and divide by 5
5. Tulis Jawi - "Selamat Hari Jadi Nael" hehehe
6. Hafazan - 3 Kul & Dhuha : I know Nael can win this coz he can recite Dhuha and others cannot hehehe....aci tak?
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?

What else? Can help give idea on any games that kids age 6 to 12 can have a fair chance to win? with in mind that space is limited and no kotor2 ie: main air/tepung and what not. Tolong! Tolong!

Last game will be....

10. Lumba lari 5 meter for Aidan and his girl cousin (age 1+) bawak belon...hehehe..CUTE!!

Thanks auties and uncles :)


Edited :

I was thinking of having charade game...but do u think these kids will enjoy it? kang silap2 aku sorang jer yg terhegeh2 berlakon kat depan te he he...

Oh oh treasure hunt...what did che na do for the treasure hunt???

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Suka suka Tag

Setelah di tag banyak kali oleh cik Famy, suka saya nak buat 2 in 1 tag di bawah :P


Thr33 Things Tag

The Three Names I go by
- Ummi
- Bee
- Ida

Three Jobs I have had in my life
- IT trainee at Bernama
- foodie operator at Wendy's
- cafe worker at hostel, uni time

Three Places I have lived
- Ipoh
- Skudai
- Michigan

Three TV Shows that I watch
- Friends reruns, never fail to amuse me
- American Idol
- Ben 10 --> kena paksa tengok

Three places I have been
- dalam negara yg saya kenang: Pulau Redang, Langkawi, Pangkor
- luar negara: USA, Singapore, New Zealand

People that e-mail me regularly
- my x housemates in US
- my lunch ladies
- my sister in laws

Three of my favorite foods
i almost love all foods except wasabi
- all kind of pasta
- all kind of grilled meat --> lamb!! yummie
- desserts --> almost all of them but cannot be too sweet

Three things I would like to do
- renovate some part of my house
- to have a 3 nights stay at sutera harbor beach resort only us, if i can minus the 2 kiddos, that will be great ;)
- to be able to stay at our home again :(

Three friends I think will respond.
Puan Lollies?? Sexy Lana?

Things I am looking forward to
- to settle my debts
- so that i can quit my job
- and be SAHM :P
ohh yeah and another baby? yes :)


The "Yes" or "No" Tag

1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No!
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and Asks!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do: copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers and type in your answers.

Kissed any of your Facebook friends? Yes
Been arrested? No
Kissed someone you didn't like? No
Slept in until 5 PM? Yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
Held a snake? No
Ran a red light? No
Ever thought you're gay? No
Been suspended from school? No
Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? No
Been fired from a job? No
Ever thought that maybe He/She was not the one? Yes
Sang karaoke? Yes
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? No
Sang in the shower? Yes
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? No
Broken a bone? No
Shaved your head? No
Blacked out from drinking? No
Thoughts of being a bachelor/spinster? Yes
Played a prank on someone? Yes
Bought a gift for someone and kept it for yourself? Yes
Felt like killing someone? Yes
Had sex with someone you didn't love? No
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Yes
Been in a band? No
Bought something and returned it worn? No
Shot a gun? No
Walked in your sleep? No
Tripped on LSD? No
Ever feel like you're in a current relationship you shouldn't be in? No
Donated Blood? No
Seen a ghost? No
Eaten alligator meat? No
Done body shots? No
Peed in the pool? Yes
Passed gas and blamed in on another without their knowledge? Yes
Thought of having your best friend as a BF/GF? No
Have body piercings below the neck? No
Still love someone you shouldn't? No
Think about the future? Yes
Ever felt you deserved someone better? No
Believe in love? Yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes

Any takers for this?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Big Kid vs Small Kid

When one obese kid 63kg in Standard 6 accidentally ran over a 9kg toddler and this small kid was flung onto the hard tarmac and landed on his left abdomen which in turn caused his mid rift left clavicle bone cracked fracture!

That happened to Aidan on last 5th April 2009. My poor boy kept on crying until he felt asleep and that night his movement was limited. Since we did not see any bruises, we treated it as hemmmm " sakit badan sebab jatuh" . After 3 days, we saw a swollen collar bone and for that past 5 days (since the fall), he has been whiny but quite tolerable on our side and we brushed it off and assumed that he was on recovering journey. Little did we know that his clavicle bone is at the tip of broken :( until my mak summoned me on Friday morning right after I settled myself in the office. Ohh man..panic I was, I remember I was puffing and huffing, driving like a mad woman to mak's house, pickup Aidan and straight to DSH. Saw his paed, took his X ray, again saw his paed and he sent us to Orthopedic Surgeon and Trauma Surgeon huhuhu..We were told that the swollen was due to the new bone forming on top of the current one. Since he's young, his new bone will completely reformed in 3 weeks. Therefore, no rough playing in the meantime. Syukur sesangat!

This boy of mine is now recuperating and his next appointment is this Saturday. By the look of it, he is recovering well.

Lesson learnt : kalau anak dah nangis bawak sajalah pergi hospital, no need to wait and see, wait and see :P. That's the difference between 1st anak and 2nd anak, aye?

Monday, April 20, 2009

When he was 18 months old

Wrote this on 4th of March

Last 14th Feb 2009, marked 18 mths of Aidan life journey with us.

What he can do so far...

1) Very much independent on his motoring skill, pincer skill...he can stack up wooden cubes up till 5 blocks, he can pull together his lego pieces which I think quite amazing, he does skecthes on paper when he can get hold of pencils or crayons, he insists to eat on his own with spoon/fork, he tries to take off his shirt/pants and even after shower, he'll get his towel and dry up his dicky..very very cute we thought. He even tries to put on his bajus and shorts and even his brother's undies! *roll eyes*

"My cheeky boy! Mind the mess"

2) F & B - he's very enthusiast about food, very adventurous, wanting to taste every single thing even tissue :P Not much a problem on that department, his favourite is nasi lemak with sambal..mesti merah2 baru nak bukak mulut :) and nasi goreng. He likes junk food too but I think I have done quite a good job distracting him from the junkies, he eats vege!!! yay!! even green vege like timun.. double yay!! On the beverages side, hemmm..he's more favor of plain water which is good and bad. Bad, because, he doesn't drink formula only mommy's milk, that is he'll get his dosage when Ummi's home from work. Been trying to get him drink fresh milk or even Milo (with fresh milk) for 6 mths , still unsuccessful! So, as his paed says, he still needs to take 50% milk...grrrr..worse still he eats little of dairy food. Try..we will...

3) Seperation anxiety - still!!..very much clingy when I'm home and when I'm away..clingy with the maid which is NOT good. Anyway, I'm very sure he will get pass of this.

"Muka trauma. 1st official haircut at barber, melalak sampai bingit telinga"

4) Vocab - hemmm still not much from him except for the common words : papa, mama, abang, kakak, ball, car, doggg, mamam (doesn't count eh)

5) Favourite toys are off course whatever his brother plays. They will play together until one of them cries. Nael will cry when Aidan ketuk kepala abang with anything he can get hold off or Aidan cries when the abang insists in playing his way...boys!! It's scary to watch them play..very very rough.

One thing I would want to remember is the way he greets me at the door when I'm home from work. He squels with joy and clumsily walk to the room, leaving me behind (still at the door) and climbs onto the bed and lie down on his fav bear pillow, ready to have his n*n*n time ..heheh...

"My little Tiger in Action!!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Color blind? and prezzie

I recall when Nael was around 4 plus when we first have our maid joined our household, it was in 2007 (Nov). His eyes were big and mortified when he first saw our maid. My maid was actually had tough life back in Indonesia where she worked in her sawah bendang dan kerja ladang (we were told) so basically she was overly tanned, boleh dikatakan "gelap". From then on, he always say "Ummi white, papa white, Aidan white, Bibik brown" Each time I hear this I will "shesshhhhh" , "No!!" , " Tak baik cakap gitu ". But I never really stress on that seeing that he is just a kid and maybe fascinated on describing objects with colors.

Then, one day his conversation went like this :-

Nael : Bibik...lepas twelve apa?

Bibik : eight? (with her limited english)

Nael : Noooooo..wrong...Itulaa bibik nie tak tau sebab Bibik brown.

urrgghhh!! *horror*

Initially, we treat it as humour but then until last Friday.....

Moi : Tengah makan and suap Aidan

Nael : poo poo in the toilet and summoned me to clean him

Bibik offered to wash but Nael very adamant that his Ummi yang buat. I was so annoyed and ask Bibik to just do it..Then when they were done, Nael still crying in the room and Bibik told me this

Nael kata " Nael tak nak Bibik wash, nanti bontot Nael BROWN!!"

ROTFL!!!! but then I realised, he was very serious about it. I played along and asked him to show me, he even tunjuk his bare bontot!! What is it with my maid being brown?? *&)(&(^^&^*%$


List of things that Nael wanted to give me for my birthday :

1) Donut

2) CD song song

3) Small bottle Not big bottle like in Mak Ngah's room (I think it's perfume)

4) Ultraman

Suffice to say, I received none of the above except for Birthday song and 3 kisses, left cheek, lips and right cheek.

Bolehlah tuuu, I'm touched!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Working mothers and kids performance in school

Each time school going kids' mommies in this blogsphere write about their kids performance in school, it sure did send chills down my spine. They are our beloved vogue mommies Gart, OO, Butterflutter and Famy..Elisa and Lollis tak kira coz theirs are in International schools in foreign land :) It's mind boggling as I can't keep these questions at ease, will my kids suffer in their exams? will he do great in his studies? will he behave in school? will he be cornered by some school bullies? but mainly is about academic.

I know I have another 8 more months moonlighting..spare me...being kiasu paranoid parent, I can't help myself from worrying as I also have a live in examples from my nephew and nieces. Btw, fyi...Zan's clan has been camping in our parents' house for the last 4 months. So, I get to witness how daily my mother will talk about her cucus' doings in school and how I see the limited time my sister try to squeeze in teaching her daughter, revisions, homework for Sek Agama & Sek Kebangsaan in between her take home work, makan and other stuff. Fyi, my brothers' kids are sent to my parents house to makan, do homework, study and tuition. Therefore, I also get the 1st hand report on these kids studies.

Somehow, I envy and actually happy that my nieces and nephews are well taken care off. From what I gather from my mak, Year 1 & 2 are still ok, wait till you see their Math and Science in Year 3. My mak also been reporting to me on the Pemahaman & penulisan and how this one doing good as she loves reading, therefore, she has creative ideas on her writing skills..then comes to Math for Year 5, my mak will report to me.."yg nie suka buat careles mistakes laa" "yg nie tak paham soalan" "yg nie tak reti nak fikirlah" naik pening dan gerun jugaklah dengar :P

So, to sum up, to prepare myself for next year, I have sacrifice my TV time, more on focusing Nael's homework, reading to him, reading with him, doing Year 1 Math work book, do some English & BM workbooks. Bottom line is spend more time with him..sometimes, I just so envy SAHM :(

Posting nie takde purpose sebenarnya..semata2 nak mengupdate jer!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2nd HOME

I'm here too..........


Silalahhh :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm tagged!!!! Have a piece of me.

7 facts you may not know about me:

- anak bongsu yg manja dan mengada2, sayang sangat kat parents, sampai besar pun bila jalan dgn bapak suka sgt pegang tangan dia, sampai org kata kita makwe dia pulak and he was so proud coz that shows he still looks young har har har..masa tu kita umur 18 sampai kahwin
- suka sangat outdoor activity, sometimes call myself "very atheletic" perasan jap ..suka giler pergi camping, jungle trekking, rock climbing, roller bladding, masa kat States, owned a pair of ski, asyik giler main skiing (sebab Uni owns a skii mount & resort)sampai boleh pergi Blue code area..takler sampai Diamond (itu membunuh namanya),boleh snowboarding but all these are useless now coz i'm married to a totally opposite guy :P. Dalam hati nie membara jer, tunggu anak2 besar and am hopeful that these boys will follow after me. I still have my K2 roller blades that cost a bomb.
- i sound horrible when i sing, mau semua org lari lintang pukang
- saya suka sangat menari, gila suka and i know i can dance well
- involved in a very bad car accident masa kat states, i was sound asleep when the car turned turtle and moi was flung out and landed by the roadside! i had so much of err mri scan? or is it x ray? can't remember sebab asyik pass out jer. all of us in the car kept our mouth shut, did not tell out parents until a few years back...itupun my room mate yg pecah rahsia :) and another bad accident when i tried getting down a steep slope with my skiis guided by my handsome (seriously mmg hensem giler mamat nie - bukan pakkwelah!) mentor and apa lagi, bad landing and i hurt my head very bad..alhamdulillah syukurrrr sesangat, i'm fine till today and right before i flew back to M'sia, gila gatal nak snowboard and another snow boarder hit me from behind...his snowboard hit my head and this was the worst...syukur syukur kepadaNYA..saya sihat.
- never ever ever try to do skydiving or bungy jumping..although masa muda2 memang suka height but i just have no BALLS!!
- kuat berangan masa kecik2 dulu hehehe...

7 things that scare me:

- dari kecik sampai dewasa ni mmg hopeless kalau jumpa lipas, gerenti takut
- any scary movies, bila tengok kena tutup muka dgn tangan dan bukak sikit2, watch between fingers :P
- errr diseases
- losing of my beloved ones
- of dying..seriously i always think of death but that makes me closer to Allah
- of not providing enough for the kids dan yg sepatutnya
- of not doing enough should i leave this world

7 songs that I like the most:

i don't have specific song but mostly i layan semua tapi bukanlaa mcm mama rawk layan dangdut heheh..

tukar jadi 5 singers I like most -- aci tak?
- sarah mclachlan
- jon bon jovi
- destiny child
- eminem
- misha omar

7 phrases that I say the most:

- Hai sayang..to all my 3 sayangs
- Duhhh!! ---> haa ini masa kerja lah nie
- Apa hallah??
- Ya allah
- Hemm...
- ye kerrrr??
- ok ok ok

7 of my precious things:

- off course my purse, IC, driving license, and cc cards..tak ker susah kalau hilang
- my children & hubby
- the houses and my old car
- my kitchen but not the table top, nak buat granite top tak mampu and all the appliances
- my shoesssss
- my kids stuff, whatever we bought them, i make sure they are well taken care off, so that boleh guna lama2 n bagi org in good condition when i decided to tutup kilang
- and last but not least, my precious collection of the kids pictures and short videos that we have collected from the past 5 years. they are growing!! very priceless!!

7 memorable first timers:

- dapat naik flight in first class. by accident jer..i reached late at the check in counter and was upgraded to 1st class..best woo udah lah 24 hrs long flight, asyik makan jer kerjanya.
- sudah semestinya trip to New Zealand with hubby, honeymoon beb :) best giler coz we took caravan, adventurous laa katakan and best part, each time we bump into another caravan (coz there are just too many tourist with caravan), we will honk and wave to each other, while me and hubby yelled Maui! kelakar giler...sebab kejap2 kena angkat tangan.
- i will never forget the first time i held my babies in my arm, the feelings are indescribable (sp)
- 1st time i baked a carrot cake to entice my future in law family (back then), dah selalu buat the carrot cake with sugar frosting, it always turned out good but on that day it wasn't moist but hard. My carrot cake recipe uses vegetable oil but on that fateful day, mmg tak menjadi langsung, gubra habis!
- 1st time dapat naik kuda...when i was in states during summer, i worked for a month at Wendy's. can you believe that? and i qot acquainted with this lady, baik sangat...we used to have our break together, me and my baked potato and she invited me and my gf to come over to her house. Rupa2nya dia banyak bela horses, keluarga koboilah katakan, so we toured her house, her ranch and spoke to us about bull riding laa, dan segala medal family dia menang dan pelbagai stories laa, very educational to me. Last2 sebelum balik, sempat laa naik kuda. takut betullah!
- 1st time naik basikal racing...horror betul..dlm darjah 4/5, nak tunjuk lagak kat cousin konon, sudahlah 1st time naik basikal yg kaki tak cecah lantai, turun bukit pulak tu..tak ker stupido namanya hahaha ( i really laugh when writing this)
- 1st time when i officially became a wife and both my parents about to leave our rented apartment, we sent them to their car and after salamed, my both parents turned to leave and i saw that gaze, in their eyes, very very sad and heavy feeling to say bye bye to their youngest and i felt the same. A pang of sadness.

There you go. I have never been so honest and being open about myself. How's that?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bye bye, hi hi...

Ouchhh..it's been ages since I last logged in to this account..yikes!!! and now it's already 2009 :)

I have been busy for the last one month in the office. Boss was away for haj and I have to take over his stuff and I'm sooooo very glad that it's over!!!I mean he's back and now I'm on leave for the rest of the week..yay!!!Handling RM1.5mil project wasn't easy peasy but I love the coordinating part, giving out instructions to ahemmm...guys who are some of them senior than me and they really listen and I did make some important decision...to tell the truth, I felt good..seriously after many moons of complaining about my mundane job but now I felt it's all worth it when people look up to me. All the while I've been a shadow to my boss but now it's different and I hope it will remain the same or even better.

Hokehhhh..enough of work...back to the brood...I'm on leave and I do enjoy it every minute, waking up so very late ..( err..lepas subuh tido bangun kul 9:30, lambat tak?) the kids? yes the kids are loving it too..having both of us with them, they are really spoil. We didn't go anywhere, mostly spending time at our own home and moi and helper been decluttering every nook and corner. In every cabinets, we sweep clean and rearrange stuff in the kitchen, in the rooms and most time are spend on the kids toy room...goshhh...berapa banyak kali kemas, macam tak pernah kemas. All the kids baju lama are repack, relabel and the Toyogo boxes rearrange. Filings of leftovers letters is tomorrow's agenda, that will not take much time as I have done biannual filings last month..pheww...but I have to sort 1 year pictures in albums..dang! and also planning to reaaring things in the store room...man!! cukup ker lagi 3 hari?

The reason we were not going anywhere as some might ask coz I declined combi's invitation earlier was due to the last minute plan by my brother's family to have our year end family getaway earlier than expected. This year, our leave were not match hence we were on our seperate ways. We only took the kids to zoo yesterday! Goshhh...it's big and thank god not many people and the weather was superb, sunshine but breezy. My couch potato and game master kid, Nael complained that he walked too much and he's already sweating, so we should all just go home...*roll eyes*. We were only there for 2 hours hehehe...Aidan was annoyed as he was very much into looking for ummi's bossom for comfort.."I want it now, now, NOWWWW for my afternoon nap" *roll eyes*.

"Teringat kat Elisa n Lollies when I see this stinking camel huhuhuh.."

Salam Maal Hijrah and A Happy New Year to all :)