Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nael is 6!

Let's do some recap on his milestone from 5.5 to 6 years old.

Nael is currently reading Dr Seuss's Hop on Pop which he finds it hilarious, Bacalah Sayang and also some of his school materials that is Book 16 for his English reading. He is an average for his reading skills and I'm currently coaching him to do Math from Year 1 book, plus some other Math, English, Bahasa work book bought from some bookshops. He will do one of these activity after he's done with his school homework. He's doing okay for his academic which I have no worry on that and he's now started to speak English again (albeit he needs help in rephrasing his sentences).

He's still into Ben 10 and Ben 10 Force and one funny thing he loves to watch PPG too which I find it quite hilarious. He has some new games for his PSII, some sort of samurai lawan2. He said it's Basara and since he joined TKD classes, he will demonstrate what he learns after each class. His 'new student' is off course his adik :P, the great impersonator :) . Nael latest interest is playing badminton with his cousins, his papa bought him racket for small hand like his, very cute! Alternately, we have been playing freesbie with the kids. Nael instantly fell in love with this game and also he asked for a kite for his birthday. Ehh wait..he asked for so many things for his birthday like roller blades *roll eyes*.

Personality wise...he's obidient type, shy in public, very rajin related to education ie doing homework, reading, what not. He shows his intimacy towards his loves ones, very technical little young man, very drawn into gadgets and quite sensitive about what other peoples think or act towards him.

Health wise...looks like he's allergic to dust, cats fur, he can easily has running nose with teary eyes and sneezing too. Phlemy cough and flu are his 2 best friends :( Still very skinny around 17kg. Eat moderately and very slow too unlike Aidan :P but one thing positive, he would want to taste a lot more variety of food like curry and sambal. I think that's a great achievement for a fussy boy like him.

Nael sayang, Ummi and Papa love you sooooo much and we pray that you will turn out to be a good young man and be blessed by Allah swt in your life. May you be anak yang soleh, disayangi dan disenangi oleh semua, Insyallah. Happy 6th Birthday Sayang, from your loving parents and your die hard fan Aidan :)

"The birthday boy is having high fever! Munching Milo nuggets while waiting at paed's"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pre celebration...

Nael's birthday is coming up very soon :) Yes, he will turn 6 on this 21st and Ilham will turn 11 right? Elisa..who else sharing the same date? is there any besides Ilham?

First we were planning of having bowling birthday party since Nael is so much into bowling but had to strike that one out as fund tak mencukupi :P , plus we have been at my mak's place since many moons back, so the idea of having the bowling party at our house is not convinient at all. Since, he is so looking forward to celebrate his birthday, I promised I will make do with what we have aka have a little party with his cousins and having a Ben 10 cake.

I have been busy during weekend due to work commitment *yikes* and only last Sunday, I managed to order the cake, yesterday bought rm4 below gifts for the games that we will have and today trying to come up with some idea on the far, these are what I can think off since we will be doing it at night (this Sat) in a confined area of the Wan's living room

1. Blind fold musical chair - cilok dari che na
2. Teka teki
3. Pecah belon berdua guna bontot..hahaha
4. Math question - get the age of this A, B to E person and divide by 5
5. Tulis Jawi - "Selamat Hari Jadi Nael" hehehe
6. Hafazan - 3 Kul & Dhuha : I know Nael can win this coz he can recite Dhuha and others cannot hehehe....aci tak?
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?

What else? Can help give idea on any games that kids age 6 to 12 can have a fair chance to win? with in mind that space is limited and no kotor2 ie: main air/tepung and what not. Tolong! Tolong!

Last game will be....

10. Lumba lari 5 meter for Aidan and his girl cousin (age 1+) bawak belon...hehehe..CUTE!!

Thanks auties and uncles :)


Edited :

I was thinking of having charade game...but do u think these kids will enjoy it? kang silap2 aku sorang jer yg terhegeh2 berlakon kat depan te he he...

Oh oh treasure hunt...what did che na do for the treasure hunt???