Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nael is 5!

I have been longing to write about Nael, his achievements, his milestone, his charm, his attitude towards his baby brother and other gazillion things but my mind is always about thinking of the day to day happenings, the office, the family, the baby, the chores...

I remember a week before I gave birth to Aidan is the most precious moments I have with Nael. we were so closed, we were like one , in a love cacoon , touching, kissing, huggings and I pampered him a lot, knowing that my time with him will be very limited with the new arrival. Each day for that one week, he was with me, we didn't send him over to his nenek's house, I did what every mother does to her kids, wake him up from sleep, drag him to shower, brush teeth, cuci bontot (poo time) , cooked b'fast, then luch hour came, we had lunch outings, bought him cheap toys from 7-11, spent the whole afternoon watching ceria (until i got really sick with ultraman, kampung boy and such), waited for papa to come home from office, dinner, then play and read with him, watched tv until late night, huggie huggie, kissy kissy ...that's what we did everyday for about a week. Then came Aidan, I was happy but at the same time sadness crept up in me when I started to hold the baby, I felt so distant with Nael esp during the confinement. Pity him really, tv was his peer, no one to layan him. As a mother you can feel his lost and the craving for attention, what more when you hold your baby, he demanded to be held exactly like the baby. Sometimes I snapped at him for slamming the door and woke up the baby and me :( He also see less of his papa during that period as papa was really busy in the office, so to compensate for the time lost and also to divert his attention, hubby bought him a playstation :P and a few other toys that were really expensive (which I'm totally against it). So bermulalah cerita Nael with his new addiction....

PSII : oh's really a boy thingy..small boys, big boys, they are the same, tak mau makan, tak mau tido, tak mau mandi. The funny thing is when you see them fighting over the watchamacalit, remote/joystick, apa2lah..the wars and battles, the roar, the cheers, the jeers, the excitements, the slamming, the thumb cramp, the tired eyes , the aching body was speechless. The first game he played was ultraman and Cars, then came the rest, Spiderman, Tomb Raider, Sonic, Golden Compass, Hot Wheels, Ben10 (the latest) and many more. I can tell you he's really good with them, some games he managed to get to the high level as high as level 7 for spiderman. One thing you hv to bear in mind he can't really read but he can manouvere the menu easy peasy but some instructions, we have to tell and guide him. Another clever note he even thought his papa on some great moves hehehe..sometimes I saw them exchanging ideas, kinda like knowledge sharing hahaha..very cute!

Nael loves his baby brother. Whenever Aidan cries for milk, he would summon me "cepatla mimi, aidan nak nenen nieee, bagila nenen ummi tu.." and he loves saying this when Aidan was abt3-4 mths.."alaaabudak comel nie, senyum pulak dia.." while tickling Aidan's cheek. But now Aidan is 9 mths old,quite aggresive and playful with toys, the big brother somehow has developed "this toy is mine and that's yours" and sometimes "THIS is mine and THAT is mine too". Pity Aidan but we are not going to let it happen anymore, we constantly remind him to share, this is your baby brother, you have to love him, etc...Nevertheless, we can tell that he can't get enough of his baby brother.

Since, he joined C3C in Jan and he's already reading Book 6. He can read page by page in Eng and his word bank is increasing tremendeuosly. Recently we received his math paper and not bad at all with his perfect score for addition, bigger and smaller numbers. Not only that, he even can recite surahs : fatihah, ikhlas, an-nas, al falaq, al-asr, lahab, kafiroon, from his nenek's computer :) Sometimes, he even perform solat on his own reciting surah that he's comfortable with albeit 5 rakaats for Isya' :)

Today is 21st May and it has been 5 years we have him. Thank you Allah for the most precious gift of all : anak2.

Sayang Ummi and papa, Zul Arif Nael : Happy 5th Birthday sayang! Lots of love from us and your baby brother Aidan.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nael is 4!

My dearest darling Zul Arif Nael...

It was 4 years back, 21st of May 2003 at around 1:30pm, I held you in my arms and we were overcome with so much joy and emotions to see such a beautiful and healthy baby. Despite the knot of your umbilical cord which can be fatal and your neck was wrapped and twisted by them, alhamdullilah you were protected by Allah, you were safe and most importantly healthy. Bringing you up was not an easy task especially on the health department but who would want to remember? We cherish every single little thing from your wet diapers to your cutesy little smile and now we, your parents go crazy with your wicked foolish manja expression that you flash from time to time. We are your biggest fan and we would die to make you a one happy boy. We love you to the bits sayang and with so much pride and joy we're looking forward to have another 100 years to be with you.

Happy 4th Birthday Sayang Ummi and Papa

"Fresh from the oven - Taken on 21st May 2003"

"At nursery, ready to cut cake with friends - Taken on 21st May 2004"

"Tengah godek2 Ummi's pusrse - Taken on 21st May 2005"

"Budak nakal tapi manja! - Taken on 21st May 2006"