Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nael is 7!

This post is way outdated due to Aidan being admitted to hospital nevertheless, Ummi, Papa and Aidan would like to wish you Happy 7th Birthday to you, our little hero. We hope that you had ton of fun with your classmates during your birthday bash at Mc D. Let's have some run down since you were 6.

You are more adventurous with food, adventurous as to wanting to taste the food rather than turning your face to the other side :D You love your brother to bits and I still can remember on an occasion that really display the love for your brother. One day when we were at Giant and Aidan was throwing fit of tantrum and he simply did not want to budge, we were actually in the car. I used to have time outs with Aidan if he ever shows uncooperative attitude when we're at home but that day it was in the car driving out from Giant. Papa pulled over and let Aidan stand outside the car, you burst into tears when you saw this. Not only you were crying but you asked for forgiveness on Aidan's behalf. My heart just melt watching this. There were a few more incidents too that you cried of him although Aidan clearly at fault.

Academic wise, you are doing great, you did fairly well in your monthly exam but what Ummi and Papa is more than happy is that you love school, you enjoy learning, you have no qualms attending extra class (Agama, Morris Allen, Taekwando) albeit its a bit taxing to my standard. You ask so many questions on life, death, being good muslim, about unseen world and such. Your health department is better especially on your flu and cough, I think the Superman Vit C helped and Flexonase too :) You are eager to be so called orang besar, you want to help me with the dirty dishes, the laundry, the vacuuming, you even want to sleep on your own in your own room, to even lock the door at night and ensure the alarm is on. But the best part to watch is how you be an imam to your brother, you with your shorts and Aidan with his pull up diaper hehehe...

Nael is still a shy boy but I can see he's transforming to a more confident individual. We pray that Allah will always shower you with his love and mercy and may you turn up to be one fine grown up man with a happy soul. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from your Ummi, Papa and Aidan *muahhhss*

"Look at Aidan!!."

"He got this card from the boy who asks money from him..hemm alahai :)"