Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Berabuknya rumah saya kat sini...Too many things to tell but as always, mood tarak or blogging half way and my train of thoughts derailed, what's new there?

Mostly, I miss all of you and kinda missing updating entries :P. Would like to share some of the what's going on with zan n brood in 3 mths back...

1. I think somewhere right after Aidil fitri, my 70 year old dad was hospitalized to insert a pacemaker somewhere near to his heart. Before Raya, we got to know that his heart stop for 3 secs from his Holter readings. He was ok and alhamdulillah, his heart is functioning well at the moment. Then my mother was hospitalized for a few days due to her diabetic condition and she was discharged with some alterations to her medicine intake.

2. We managed to have a quick get away retreat at avilli0n PD. The kids really enjoy the sandy beach with sand castles, the pool with their ben10 floties, water gun and what nots and off course the bath tub shower which we have to take extra effort to get them out of there.

3. The maid - yeah the new one is nonetheless to be seen. After so much hiccups on the agent side, I finally managed to send the calling visa to Pekan Baru and yes, we're still waiting. My target to have her here before Nael starts school went kaboom. Allah is the greatest planner of all,He knows best.

4. Nael will be going to TTDI gomen school next year and boy, the preparation is endless but thank God for the 3 Friday public holidays. Managed to get all the necessities done even the membalut buku teks yang macam lunyai itu and workbooks. Lencana sekolah pun dah siap jahit kat poket :), All apparrels dan segala tok nenek labelled...te he he. Can you hear the excitement??

5. We also managed to clear up 2 rooms that were earlier filled with boxes. We didn't do the unpacking for near to 3 years since we moved in due to a. no closets in both rooms b. no one is using the rooms c. we have not been staying in the house for slightly more than a year. But since, Nael is kind of ready to be moved in to his proper room, we decided to furnish both rooms together. So, we I have been busy with the you know what, see ID, selecting matrials, seal the deal, supervising installation, blah2... At last, we now have Nael's room (albeit we hv not moved in his bed yet) and guest room for solat n tido2. Phewwww..

6. Do you know that now me and Ery are officially neighbours? :) Now at least I have new people in the area to wave too especially during our weekend walks and also I have a buddy for a quick swinging session ;)

7. I was hospitalized on 22nd November as I had a heart palpitation attack when I was queueing up for lunch at A&W. I was alone that time and I felt really funny and my heart was beating really fast. It was Friday afternoon when all my male relatives n hubby were about to have Friday prayer. All I could think that time to make a call to my mother. I told her that I think I am about to pass out and my voice was so weak and she asked to get anyone help over there. Alhamdulillah, 1 lady and 1 man helped me to get to the nearest hospital which is only 5 mins away. When I was in emergency room, the cardiologist is away for his Friday prayer too and at that time I had another wave of heart palpitation. It was really scary and all I could think was that was it, it's my time and I'm all alone in there.

In short, my ecg, echo, holter reading, blood reading and stress test was all OK and I was discharged the next day. But again I had the same thing on 8th Dec during lunch. This really got into me as although the doc said I'm ok and it might be due to your lack of sleep/caffein intake/fever but deep inside I was worried and still am. Thinking of there might some be underlying problems and since then I was really sad, thinking of dieing (sp?), thinking of the children a lot, thinking of the not enough amalan, etc. Everyone will die but when you know that you have something that might cause you your life, you can't help it to be thinking of a lot of things day in day out. Your worries multifold and sometimes, pschologically it affects you. But in other words, this wake up call certainly streghtening my iman and taqwa. Alhamdulillah.

8. Allah is great, when we have some rezeki before this, he gives some and he takes away some of it. It really helps to let out some steam :) Oh yes, Salam Maal Hijrah and forgive me for any wrong doing. I think I will blog again in 2010 with some stories of my 2 darlings, Nael's 1st big day at school and Aidan the chatter box :)


mamarawks said...

Allah bless you!!

1. May you mom & dad stay healthy & happy with their beautiful childrens & grandchilds around them...

2.Point taken.. berendam memang best!! heheheh

3. hopefully you can get better maid this time.. sincere to work and rajin too!!

4. Same with my Nisa.. but still not time to wrap that lunyai buku teks...maybe tomorrow..:p

5. Nisa & Najah sleep in their room once a while.. but most of the time still with us!!

6. Send regards to Ery..:-)

7. Oh dear!! I baca pon my heart beating fast.. hopefully everything is fine...

8. Salam Maal Hijrah to you too..can't wait for new updates.. see you in 2010.

Lollies said...

Inalillahhi ilaihi rojiun. May Allah gives you a better health.

I also worry about your heart palpitation. The doctor says everything ok ya? Wonder what causes it. I don't know whether I should suggest you to take second opinion or not.

zan said...

Mama : allah bless u too :) thanks dear, writing this up really mean a lot to me.

lollies : i had 2nd opinion, asking me to eliminate the possibilities like caffein, get good sleep = wean off aidan :(, try not to think too much. i'm off caffein for 3 weeks now and still at monitoring stage. Thanks for your dua too. Amin...

Nina Zan said...

An update! wow!

I googled heart palpitation after reading this. You take care ye. I think what they say about regular exercise is correct, We must exercise.

Err.. cakap senang. I'll start.. next year. Eh tomorrow. ahhaha

zan said...

Nina : yalorrr mmg kena exercise..my doc asked me to do slow jogging..hemm tah bila la nak start..yes yes yes t'row!! hahaha..

mosh said...

Take care!!