Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aidan is 3!

14th August 2007 we held in our arms, a tiny and weighed slightly less than 3kg baby boy and that was 3 years ago. How time flies and he is now 3 years old. The last one year has been a bit challenging for Ummi, the terrible two phase but I can never be thankful enough to Allah swt for this gift as He had given us the joy of raising little munchkin, Aidan. Alhamdulillah.

The last one year I clearly can see his progress especially on motor skill has multifold, by 2.5 yrs old he can remove and put on his clothes and night diaper by himself. He eats on his own, with spoon and fork and sometimes with his little hands, he even can clean himself up after small business which I think kinda of cute and lately he wants to clean himself up after big business too which is a big no no for Ummi. What I can say about this 3 year old, he wants to be like a big boy like his abang, he wants to do everything coz he thinks he's strong enough, like carrying our grocery bags :P His perseverance sometimes can drive Ummi up to the wall coz every little thing he insists it has to be done in his way. On the other hand, he's mature compare to his age, being and wanting to be independent.


Aidan is known to be a chatter box in our families, my family especially my parents love to layan him. Each time they talk in the phone, the ending conversation from Aidan will be"...bye atuk/wan, i looooove you and see you.." Mana laa tak cair org tua tu :) I love chatting with him, having him around just the 2 of us feels like having a companion over tea and one thing I notice about this little munchkin is that he is expressive not only with his words but with his body language esp his face. He loves to entice us with his comical look, his stunts, stances and he's playful with his eyes too. I guess it is not hard to notice all this from his pictures, he loves camera and video cam and a big time role player too, from main masak2, modelling, ultraman vs monsters, imaginary friends, docs and patient, dentist and patient, etc. From here you can tell it's lotsa fun, the greatest entertainer at home!


Health wise, 2-2.5 yrs has been great but from 2.5-3 yrs, it wasn't so good but alhamdulillah, during that period, I have quit my job and it's like a blessing in disguise. I was able to care and nurse him. Just for the sake of jotting down somewhere, it was Aidan 1st hospitalization due to bad wheezing which caused his heart rate goes up to 180. It was on 20th May 2010. Talking about nursing, he's still with me *sigh* Ummi not so sure how to wean you off dear coz you are soooo ever crazy with that "chandu" which is "heaven" to you hehehe...

Food wise, you are the adventurous type, academic wise, not so much, you don't really like writing or coloring but with water color, you'r on the go, love reading with me but when I try teaching you alpabhets/numbers/surah recitation, your attention span shorten :( Ummi is taking it easy with you dear coz learning suppose to be fun, right?

Dear Zul Aidan Naez,

We love you to bits sayang, you are such an adorable little munchkin and we always crave for your antics. We hope that Allah swt will always protect you and bless you with His love. Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan with much love love love from your Ummi, Papa and Abg Nael. Muahhhhhsss.



Rose said...

Happy birthday to Aidan ya,

butterflutter said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to Aidan from Aunty Bf and family.

Do collage of his photos. Dia mmg sangat comels.

elisataufik said...

Masya-Allah, dah 3 years??
Happy Birthday Aidan!! :)

Lollies said...

Masya Allah dah 3 tahun? i ingat i kat hospital tengok you baru beranak 9and dah kurus).\\tetap dgn ultraman pose tu. hehehhe

zan said...

Rose : thank you Rose :)

BF : thank you auntie :) ada la buat sikit2 tapi sekarang nie takde masa pulak :P

Elisa : thanks Elisa :)

Lollies : memanjang jer dgn ultraman pose sampai x larat, jgn dia buat mcm nie masa gambar raya sudah. ehh no kurus2 laa, duk rumah nie disaster, asyik mengunyah jer kerjanya :P

Nina Zan said...

3 years? already?? cepatnya.

Masya Allah! (ni selalu lupa cakap, nasib baik nampak 2 wanita kat atas tu sebut hihihi)

Happy Birthday Aidan! Awak ni sungguh comel!

famyGirl said...

happy birthday Aidan!! :) hee hee i think kan aug 14 boys memang comical lah, Aidiin is the badut in the family too, not to mention the un-sangka-able chatterbox.

p/s: one of our gambar raya ada Aidiin buat ultraman pose! i think it was in 2007 or 2008. mula2 berdiri elok je, just before camera went click dia bertukar jadi ultraman! *sigh

zan said...

che na : mmg cepat...tapi masa dia kecik2, selalu kata, bilalah nak besar esp bila maknya tak cukup tido :P che na..jomm kita ahem ahem no 3?

famy : yes yes, masa i dok upload photo ultraman pose tu i dok teringat kai aidiin hahaha..i think around that age jugak kan..i hope no ultraman raya pose this yr from him hehehe...